Never Trust

No drink too strong to not
cast accusations of short-pourings
upon a bartender too obliging
to make amends
no drunkenness too prolonged to not
proclaim sobriety
at a friend too concerned
with well-being
no tardiness too late to not
reverse blame
upon the victim
so that she believes she’s the reason
for drink
no integrity too weak to not
deny alcoholism
when it comes as disease
disguised as a blessing
defining your life dawn to night
no refusal too low to forget
what’s remembered
on the morning after
it was best forgotten
this is smart
this is wisdom
this is narcissism loosed
the junkie has all the best words
to make you agree
to make you believe
they are in control
they are not going to hurt you
they are not going to cheat you
steal from you, stab you in the back
believe me
it’s true; it’s true


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