The Living Left

All in their deaths
try to give them
that that which
they can no longer do
as the living
we are the surrogates
of the dead
through us they live
by proxy
and that is what is meant
by ‘never forget’

For the beloved
of the deceased
we must be there
to join in the dance
the merriment and passion
what else are we
if we cannot offer
a glimpse of relief
from grief

More from us pours
the longer we stagger on
past the graves of others
the more we owe
their left behind
to nourish and cherish
in their absence
who they cannot
is our moral obligation
as survivors
as the carriers-on

Grant unto them
what cannot be granted
by the lost
speak and love and adore
remember their past and
lead them forward past
is what we do
in their deaths


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