Clockwork Fascism

Between two suns
in a slow figure eight
hour glass orbit
(although the sentient inhabitants
of Ghariph know of neither
“eights” nor “hours)
the planet reaches
intercept and then beyond
where the influence of Ghar
will wane and Riph rise

While bathed in Ghar’s
calming blue spectrum light
peace, compassion and plenty rule
happiness and contentment reign
scientific advancement is made
the People (as Gharian’s call themselves)
pursue pleasure
each to their own path
whether intellectual, physical, spiritual
in all
is an overwhelming sense of acceptance
and approval
from all by all
not that there were no debates
there were plenty
and they were enjoyed
in the pursuit of knowledge
philosophically and logically
but then
the jurisdiction of ascendency
as always it does
by the inevitable
motion of the spheres
those majestic clockwork heavens
transfers to Riph burning blood-red
where the Real People
(as Riphians call themselves)
abhor happiness – not their own ¬–
but that of others
laws and rules become strict
regarding the physical pleasures
schools and other intellectual centers
are demonized, defunded and shuttered
the land becomes no more
than a resource
to be plundered for profit
by any with the strength to take it
denial, avarice and hatred rule
poverty and sorrow reign
the powerful blame and mock the weak
for their weaknesses
there is warfare, hunger and thirst
fields and cities are razed
science is denied
this is how it is
how it’s always been
always will be
Gharians know this
Riphians know this
the sad Ghariphians
both know and lament
hoping someday
a great savior may come
and swallow whole from the sky
the foul red sun
darkening its dominion forever


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