Beginner Level: Eternal

Eight year wash cycle
clean brain ready – fluffed & folded –
for more stains to set renewed anew
gun oil, blood and soil
deep, rubbed in
Kool-Aid dribbles down the chin
pure refreshment innocent
from childhood past recalled
better days of youth and vigor
dreams as yet not unfulfilled
ah, the wonder of looking ahead
safely tucked
back in the untouchable past
Grease and Happy Dazed and Confused
That Seventies
That Eighties
That Show & Tell it how it was
how it ought to be again
clean and bleached
polished gleaming
sanded smoothly
rough edges forgotten
in memory’s beauty
of the wonderful things to come
that didn’t come
quite out as wanted
and now like as a child
who refuses failure
calling for a do-over
sad adults
unable to grow-up
unable to move forward


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