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December 27, 2016

Courses of action
coursing through veins
pumping blood
pumping the shotgun
cold, calculated revenge
against the patriarchy
angry women to the cause
the warning shot came
across the bow
all female kind
put in the crosshairs
their liberty and sovereignty revoked
by act of court
Roe v. Wade overturned
but it’s as if
these callous white men
believed the girls of America
timid, trembling posies
who would do nothing
but accept
but they did not
when freedom is at stake
freedom must be fought for
as they say, there’s a cost
it ain’t free
and old straight red state
evangelical born again Christian males
paid the price
as second amendment solutions
came courting
roving America
criss-crossing the wide miles
of its country
so much desolate nowhere land
so many rednecks alone
a gunshot here
a throat slashed there
blunt beat down
bodies bloated down river
a poisoning, a castration
bleeding out in back alleys
how appropriate
women outlawed by courts
had no choice
but to be outlaws
and they played the part
if abortion is murder then play-on
a murderer thus labeled
to the label must rise
homicide is homicide
from blastocyst
to cataract eyes
how the men feared
the ultimate
in late term extraction
how the men regretted
their unfortunate
miscarriage of justice


Merry F%#@ing Christmas

December 23, 2016

Once there was a time when we could all say
Merry Christmas or happy holidays

Then one day it was a contentious choice
In how we told other folk to rejoice

Sides were taken in an annual war
That never even existed before

What should have been a joyous time of year
Was swallowed by a paranoid fear

Holidayers would steal away their words
And Merry Christmas would seldom be heard

Magic words for the Christmasers mattered
For them this greeting was more than chatter

They didn’t care to simply be polite
Their culture’s at stake in the this holy fight

On teevee they shout until they’re red-faced
Agitating an angry mob debased

They bluster over perceived offenses
Without a hope to come to their senses

So in how you wish others be cautious
For you might just make your neighbors nauseous

Take as a warning this dear little ode
Or else you could make right wing heads’ explode

That’s what Christ would fucking say
Merry-fucking Christmas
Every merry fucking day

It is Happening Again

December 20, 2016

Why does it seem that some wars never end
we beat the Nazis now they’re back again

Our thanks to the greatest generation
is piss on their graves and shit on their nation

They fought and bled and died for our liberty
and gave us hope for a new century

Those freedoms won new fascists strip away
the third reich rising from a shallow grave

With theocidal eyes turned to Islam
lining them up for their new world pogrom

Their great dream of war between West and East
sick Christian dogma to wake the beast

So sign up for Christian supremacy
and shit on our veterans’ legacy

Cast your vote for the Nazi president
trash the future in malicious intent

Let’s give our children no world to inhabit
the time’s right to eradicate the planet

It can’t happen here… until it does

It can’t happen here… it just did


December 16, 2016

all crime
every act of criminality
the very root of all evil
to give breath to such
a notion so past prime
it reeks sour of rot
is humankind’s belief
the world exists for it
and that it,
as the great tome of vulgaries sayeth,
gives us “dominion…
over all the Earth…”
trees and birds
fish and livestock
the creeping creepers that creepeth
this is the sociopath
entrenched in humanity
deep in the ego’s foxhole
fixed tight
resistant to dislodgement
but the world
it does not
exist for us
nor does it need or want us
and if it could
if it were capable
it would not give a fuck
about us
yet strongly do we hold
the faith it does
and here we err
so fully
the toxin of our
over-estimated self-worth
our society
undermines its immunity
to destabilization
and further
poisons the planet itself
that very planet
which we are so sure
exists for us
does in fact die for us
our sins
we are the cross
our poor Earth
has been nailed to

Mistaken the Heart

December 13, 2016

I hate the ways
the days go by
half over
before begun
it’s no wonder
our lives
feel as if
gone in a flash
when there’s so little
filling them
all padding
is what we choose
our lives are
as if diets of
and white bread
stuffing for skin sacks
bellies filled
much like our souls
on nothing of sustenance
ready to waste away
in a flash
of sudden mid-life crisis
gone, gone
what seemingly took so
long, long
because once it’s past
it is short
as if it never was
but before it comes
and thus we think are we

Justifications of a Suicidal Old Man

December 9, 2016

Suicide should exist as an inevitability
the grossly aged self deceive
live on under the delusion
that their experience and memories
are of vital value
to the young and present
reminiscences of the past
possess zero worth
it’s all best left behind
forgotten in the wilds
clearing way for renewal
constant and steady
without looking back
like Las Vegas
tear it down
build it again
a society grown and harvested
it’s fruits devoured
seeds sewn for a new season
that’s the knife
we must hold
cold against reality’s skin
cut out and plant the eyes
toward the future
old potatoes make good compost

Pious Silence

December 8, 2016

Fear’s rank perfume spewed up
geyser-like from the Fed
nearing the anniversary
of the great Twin Tower Terror
the U.S. government
inflamed the trembling cowardice
of its citizenry
broadcasting a toxic combo
of paranoia, fear, hatred
stoking distrust of the other
warning of the stakes of the war
an ever-expanding endless struggle
between us and them
west and east
on the television
a small congregation of Christians
hear the reverend’s final “Amen”
and as they leave
he cautions them
to “please be careful going home”
to be quiet about their gathering
to keep their faith hidden
and then the brave protestants
creep out the cellar door
dispersing into the settling gloom
as we’re told
the terrorists
want to change America
what if… they ask
America wasn’t America
this is the foul seed
fallen from the sickly Bush
finding purchase in the fetid soil
of the paranoid patriot psyche
sprouting, blooming
producing poisonous berries
greedily consumed
by the nation’s most gullible
most timorous, most cretinous
what they saw
when they saw that propaganda
was what the propagandists
wanted them to see
evil Muslims
persecuting brave Christians
whereas what I saw
when I saw that steaming heap
of AD Council fertilizer
was, Yes!
Why not!
Shut the fuck up about
your stupid god damn religion
all of you
Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Mormon
Buddhist, Taoist, Jew
just keep it the fuck to yourself
Yes! Hide it!
hide it under a bushel
shove it up your ass
fuck off with it in a big
burning ball of towering destruction
that commercial spoke truth
for all of our sakes
all the religious
take off your cross
tear down your cathedrals
bulldoze your holy shrines
and once and for all
just fucking… SHUSH!


December 6, 2016

human to human
what we’ve become
cries for execution and blood
imprisonment without justice
gang rape for vocal women
who speak their piece
applause for death and torture
cheers for pain and sickness
the seeming degradation of
human to human
what we’ve become
is illusion
we’ve always been
this foulness, this disease
this vitriolic rancor
it’s us, who we are
human to human
stockade and gallows
breaking wheel and rack
cucking stool and lash
we dehumanize
convert the screams
of the ones condemned
through brazen bull into ‘moo’
vicious entertainments
to delight humanity’s ghouls
in this knowledge
of history’s ensanguined cruelty
be not surprised
by the maliciousness
of your contemporaries
at those they ostracize
and at those they praise