Pious Silence

Fear’s rank perfume spewed up
geyser-like from the Fed
nearing the anniversary
of the great Twin Tower Terror
the U.S. government
inflamed the trembling cowardice
of its citizenry
broadcasting a toxic combo
of paranoia, fear, hatred
stoking distrust of the other
warning of the stakes of the war
an ever-expanding endless struggle
between us and them
west and east
on the television
a small congregation of Christians
hear the reverend’s final “Amen”
and as they leave
he cautions them
to “please be careful going home”
to be quiet about their gathering
to keep their faith hidden
and then the brave protestants
creep out the cellar door
dispersing into the settling gloom
as we’re told
the terrorists
want to change America
what if… they ask
America wasn’t America
this is the foul seed
fallen from the sickly Bush
finding purchase in the fetid soil
of the paranoid patriot psyche
sprouting, blooming
producing poisonous berries
greedily consumed
by the nation’s most gullible
most timorous, most cretinous
what they saw
when they saw that propaganda
was what the propagandists
wanted them to see
evil Muslims
persecuting brave Christians
whereas what I saw
when I saw that steaming heap
of AD Council fertilizer
was, Yes!
Why not!
Shut the fuck up about
your stupid god damn religion
all of you
Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Mormon
Buddhist, Taoist, Jew
just keep it the fuck to yourself
Yes! Hide it!
hide it under a bushel
shove it up your ass
fuck off with it in a big
burning ball of towering destruction
that commercial spoke truth
for all of our sakes
all the religious
take off your cross
tear down your cathedrals
bulldoze your holy shrines
and once and for all
just fucking… SHUSH!


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