all crime
every act of criminality
the very root of all evil
to give breath to such
a notion so past prime
it reeks sour of rot
is humankind’s belief
the world exists for it
and that it,
as the great tome of vulgaries sayeth,
gives us “dominion…
over all the Earth…”
trees and birds
fish and livestock
the creeping creepers that creepeth
this is the sociopath
entrenched in humanity
deep in the ego’s foxhole
fixed tight
resistant to dislodgement
but the world
it does not
exist for us
nor does it need or want us
and if it could
if it were capable
it would not give a fuck
about us
yet strongly do we hold
the faith it does
and here we err
so fully
the toxin of our
over-estimated self-worth
our society
undermines its immunity
to destabilization
and further
poisons the planet itself
that very planet
which we are so sure
exists for us
does in fact die for us
our sins
we are the cross
our poor Earth
has been nailed to


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One Response to “Crosskind”

  1. poetryinspired Says:

    Good Read❕😇🌲

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