It is Happening Again

Why does it seem that some wars never end
we beat the Nazis now they’re back again

Our thanks to the greatest generation
is piss on their graves and shit on their nation

They fought and bled and died for our liberty
and gave us hope for a new century

Those freedoms won new fascists strip away
the third reich rising from a shallow grave

With theocidal eyes turned to Islam
lining them up for their new world pogrom

Their great dream of war between West and East
sick Christian dogma to wake the beast

So sign up for Christian supremacy
and shit on our veterans’ legacy

Cast your vote for the Nazi president
trash the future in malicious intent

Let’s give our children no world to inhabit
the time’s right to eradicate the planet

It can’t happen here… until it does

It can’t happen here… it just did


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2 Responses to “It is Happening Again”

  1. chainbreakercorporation Says:

    You have the gift of expression!

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