Courses of action
coursing through veins
pumping blood
pumping the shotgun
cold, calculated revenge
against the patriarchy
angry women to the cause
the warning shot came
across the bow
all female kind
put in the crosshairs
their liberty and sovereignty revoked
by act of court
Roe v. Wade overturned
but it’s as if
these callous white men
believed the girls of America
timid, trembling posies
who would do nothing
but accept
but they did not
when freedom is at stake
freedom must be fought for
as they say, there’s a cost
it ain’t free
and old straight red state
evangelical born again Christian males
paid the price
as second amendment solutions
came courting
roving America
criss-crossing the wide miles
of its country
so much desolate nowhere land
so many rednecks alone
a gunshot here
a throat slashed there
blunt beat down
bodies bloated down river
a poisoning, a castration
bleeding out in back alleys
how appropriate
women outlawed by courts
had no choice
but to be outlaws
and they played the part
if abortion is murder then play-on
a murderer thus labeled
to the label must rise
homicide is homicide
from blastocyst
to cataract eyes
how the men feared
the ultimate
in late term extraction
how the men regretted
their unfortunate
miscarriage of justice


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