Sugar of Lead

The fire trucks speeding
through the mixed business
residential zone
cars hugging the curb
at the insistence
of high crying sirens
this is the efficiency
of the city
vehicles lined up
one by one
disgorging school children
at the early light of day
safe behind orange cones
they exit and run for it
the playground, fenced in
monitored by adults
as they wait for the start of classes
this is the efficiency
of the city
of a structured society
serving, of course,
as all societies always have,
the rich and successful and healthy,
but now, in this rare time,
also serving
the poor and the failed
the crippled and burnt
this is what we stand to lose
the wealthy elite
will always have theirs
but for the impoverished
so easy
to take it all from them
leave them with naught
but hunger, cold and death
this is what we stand to lose
if we do not fight
to hold onto it
now, even if we lose
there is hope
remember what they say
about Hitler
at the least he had
the trains running on time
as if that is genocide’s silver lining
or a diamond in an exceedingly vast
and terribly coarse rough
and it makes me wonder
what will they say about Trump
what will
that one good thing be
O, sweet Christ and shit
you’ll have to excuse
a poet should be more creative
and in that
I am clearly lacking
because I can’t
even come close to conjuring
or imagining
in allegory, metaphor
or in stark
plain as an egg language
one god damn thing
of fucking good
that could be


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