infectious discharge ruptured
but from a single word
a compound term
deployed to praise and demonize
under a cloak
of pseudo-scientific sociology

from its initial
toxifying of the blood
in the 1950’s
six decades later
it was the rot at the heart of the world

the word was a wonderful new method
by which one could safely discuss
“class” and “wealth”
without being perceived
as the communist ghost at the feast
broach the subject
albeit gently
of sexuality
in an age of puritanical plague
and hold dialogue on race
without being slandered a “racist”

the word was “lifestyle”
and “lifestyle” festered in the mind
agitating desire, envy, wrath and hatred
they lived right and those others
lived wrong and the way
one lived was
after all, clearly
a choice, a chosen style
and people must be
held accountable and likewise
rewarded or punished
for their choice of lifestyle

the perfect poison was in hand
for petty politicians
to divide and conquer
vilify and oppress
categorize by merit
to justifiably ignore or lavish
with attention based on “class”
that was not “class”
“sex” that was not “sex”
“race” that was not “race”
all now reduced
to “lifestyle”
in order to safeguard
their lifestyle – their class; not “class”
and enrich that of their 1% masters


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