Input, Output, Stayput

novels now by algorithm ruined
as before it came
the cookie cutter cat in the canopy
for the script scribbler
big data by computer crunched
can announce the failure
to best sell
prior to being read
no risk; all reward
what it requires:
a 28 year old heroine,
overuse of the words
“do” and “things,”
locked down
in a 3 act structure…
it’s all too easy
burn that old manuscript
upon the pyre of dreams
it is time to revision
an old sea captain
obsessed by a sea-going mammal
a boy wizard orphaned
as a babe
thrust into an epic battle
between good and evil
a high school girl
abused by her mother and peers
explodes in a torrent of psychic violence
but this all
isn’t beyond salvation
tweaking done and the stories all become
a late twenty something woman
who does things
involving frequent use of the words
“do” and “things”
so sit down at your typer dear writer
and do your thing
do that thing you do
do the voodoo you do so well
sweet thing
you can do it
any old thing will do


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