Congested Compassion

human in sickness
to think only of one’s self
assessing symptoms
listing, first and foremost
I am sick
followed by
I am congested
I have a cough
my muscles ache
my lungs hurt
I’m running a fever
I have chills
this is everything
the human obsessed
in its condition
with its own well-being
when the health goes
the world goes with it
death’s imminence
inching nearer
blinds to all
when you no longer care
for anyone else
you are dying
compassion and charity
absent from your heart
is life diminishing
from your blood
do not,
I implore you, die
stay alive
breathe deep
continue to love
to be kind to others
to extend hospitality, warmth
and aid
do not to malady succumb
to desiccating disease fall
wrung dry of future hope
of benefit of the doubt
of innocent until…
live, damn you, live
stay alive
breathe deep
suicide is simple
it’s what you do
when you no longer care
it’s what you do
it’s what you will do
because I know you
human, sick human


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