Tick Tock

In lost days
dark in future memory,
parasites reigned
like too many ticks
afflicting a mighty moose
no matter how large, how strong
how great the struggle
relentless hematophagic mouths
reduce the once proud
to fur draped bones
and so it was
for Western Man
gray, bloated leaders
and their dogs
leeched the land and people
of resources, hope
of belief in the world
and their fellow man
as all laws once
established to protect
like a flea collar
around the throat
of a nation,
were removed
and cast aside
turned inside out
so that the powerful
were shielded
and the weak cast out
the fatted white bloodsuckers
wanted it all
and they got it
debtors’ slave camps
legalized rape
murder of minorities
corporations granted immunity
to slaughter the indigenous
to poison whole towns
choke the life
from the wilderness
until no wilds remained
without regulation
they consumed all
free from punishment
they did it all
in those lost days
lost dark days
out of memory
out of time


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2 Responses to “Tick Tock”

  1. donredwood Says:

    Awesome. Although I’m left with visions of leeches big as moose!

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