Rape on Tape

Whenever you see a photograph
grinning white men, pasty ghouls
wearing suits
all standing behind
the one man seated at a desk
a pen in hand
poised over paper
know this
they smile
the smile
of the criminal
of the murderer
of the rapist
caught in the act
caught on tape
and acquitted
and know this
as well
you are the victim
yes you are
even if you believe
they are on your side
like the professional victim you are
you voted for them
all due to the letter ‘R’
and why did you do that
in defeat of your own interests
I know
it’s because you’re a horrible person
a cheerleader of rape
who gets off
seeing the sick die
the poor suffer
women stripped of their rights
to be abused at the hands of the state
you love the bombs that fall
and bury bodies in rubble abroad
this is you, a pastiche image
a portrait built in a bricolage of ruin
of terror and hatred
a craven face
free of humanity
empty of light


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