White Power

Lawless carnage
streets stalked by terror
gunfire, grizzly bears, thugs
cries of murder
a nation in hellish free-fall
collapsing in riot, protest
and disrespect
for police, authoritarian institutions
a nightmare urban landscape
of dark angry faces and
shrill women’s voices
raised in violence
this is what America is…

…in the eyes of cowardly white men

a dystopian alternate reality
that could be made right
through military force
through the silencing
of political dissent
the dissolution of civil rights
women’s rights, voting rights
religious and sexual freedoms
because white men are weak
sad, pathetic creatures
who cannot succeed or thrive
without the legislated oppression
of others
the full force of the state
leveled against their perceived foes:
women, minorities, non-christians
this is how white men win
the only way they win
lies, deceit, propaganda, treachery
are the tools they use
to tilt the system to their advantage
so they may ooze into power
power they achieve and hold
only by a gerrymandered
anti-democratic imbalance
if white men had to play fair
were held to the same standards
to which we hold kindergarteners
they’d all be living under bridges
charging illegal tolls
like the loathsome trolls they are


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