The Deplorables

How can I paint a picture
of the world I live in
where the early
metal expansions
and whistling leaks of pressure
of a kettle on the hob
are the distant cries of children
in terror
as they are ripped apart
for disobedience
by marauding mobs
of Donald Trump’s men
where the circling overhead roar
of propeller blades
means imminent eviction
at the teeth of unleashed hounds
later… status sortment
prison, deportation or extermination
this is what is coming
every fear the cowardly right
cried out in alarm
that Obama would do to them
is coming for real
for the left
the right-wing projector
of intent and desire
is the untarnished window
to their dark loathsome souls…

religious persecution?
you betchya!

detention camps?
you betchya!

gun confiscation?
you betchya!

death panels?
you betchya!

silence of internet dissent?
you betchya!

better be ready people
‘cause Hitler was a punk


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