Baptism of the Kraken

in the trials and errors
of brainwashing
there was found no quick solution
no torturous mental break
no drug to administer
for immediate guaranteed results

what was uncovered
was desire
the target must want it
on some level the message
maybe deep down
maybe not so buried
must be craved
over who they are
what they believe
this would appear to explain
why a steady battery
of conditioning
promoting victimization
and scapegoating
has had the greatest success

it’s them
not you
you’re innocent
they’re to blame
in its simplicity
the victims now breathe easy
saved from the tidal breakers
of their own culpability
absolution is theirs
and all their problems
all their failures
are not theirs
they fail
because of others
live in poverty
because of others
they are who they are
because of others

this is the torrent into which
they willingly wade
this is the wash
of the great white brain
brined in a distillate of whine
pickled in pious self-pity
all sense of who they were
what they believed
drowned in decades
of radio-wave rot-gut
and televised piss
and by the time
from these impure waters they arise
they are born again
renewed to the world
hateful beasts from the deep
setting jaundiced eyes
on the humanity they despise


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