Republican Woman

I am she
Who burns the witch
Condemns to death
Other women
To die
Bleeding into
The Back alley

I am she
Who consumes
My sisters’ dreams
Praises laws
That restrict and bind
Regulate her body
Weaken her mind

I am she
The woman
Who hates women
Repudiates equality
Derides feminism
As a cult of ugly dykes
That hate men

I am she
Who diminishes herself
By despising her sisters
For their freedom
And aligns herself
With their oppressors
Out of envy and spite

I am she
Who shames
The sluts on birth control
Apologizes for rapists
Justifies sexual harassment
And cheerleads
Regressive attitudes

I am she
Who says
She wants
Men who are men
And women who are women
Masters and slaves
Obedience unto death

I am she
The pet of white men
Speaking their words
From a feminine
Paint smeared mouth
To shield them
From accusations of sexism

I am she
Mrs. misogyny
A lady
Of the eighteenth century
When women were property
And beatings
Kept the bitches in line


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