Let Fascism Ring

less vibrancy of color
dullness in perception
in detection of texture
a decline of intellect
of curiosity
a creeping disinterest
like too many layers
of clear cling wrap
blinding eyes
muffling ears
stilling breath
as the spiders of time
cocoon the person within
until warm and cradled
numbed and tired
is preferred to resistance
too long by far
envenomed by relentless lies
endless labor
miles and miles of struggle
through sucking muck
chest high, neck high
let it rise, overcome
sink into dark oblivion
surrender to the pull
to the motion
succumb, relax
just fucking give in already
it will all be okay
when there’s no more care
for life
than digging the ditch that it is
the enemy is here
at the gate within
open up
it’s always been there
biding time
breaking down mind
it will be much easier
to relinquish waking life
to go to sleep
to rest
kept safe forever
in strong fatherly arms


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