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I Get All My News from Facebook Memes

April 27, 2017

illiteracy is to miracles
as bulls are to bullshit
which is eminently useful
as bullshit is the sustenance
of ignorance that breeds
belief in miracles
and denial of science
typically, hand in hand
so say “amen”
and pass the fossil fuel


Stagger After

April 25, 2017

lowered, strode she into waves
light and sound awash through the crowd
parting for her
as might have a mythical sea
in story book pages turning
horns blowing, walls falling
end times coming
in the bombardment
of strobes of circling spots
of bass and beating drums
in time to the blood pulse
a surge like the sea
under satellite thrall
crowd spinning round
she had eye of storm become
still, unbreathing
time slowing, halting
a stationary inspiralation
fossilized within the ammonite
lost in history dead to the future
enclosed, encased
under cover of song
a lost sound arisen
hers, and death’s
conquered here
powerless for the moment
held and released
rising to the stage
one, two, three

What Times May Come

April 23, 2017

Suicide should exist as an inevitability
The grossly aged self deceive
Live on under the delusion
That their experience
And memories of the past
Are of vital value
to the young and present
Historical reminiscences
Possess zero worth
It’s all best left behind
Forgotten in the wilds
Clearing way for renewal
Constant and steady
Without looking back
Like Las Vegas
Tear it down
Build it again
A society grown and harvested
It’s fruits devoured
Seeds sewn for a new season
That’s the knife
we must hold
Cold against reality’s cheek
Cut out and plant the eyes
Toward the future
Old potatoes make good compost

Not Not Art

April 20, 2017

They were in the bar
early evening
on a booth seat
their drinks before them
on the low round
stained wood table
and like some young couples are
they were enthusiastic
in their affection
you might call it
I do
and it was not a bad show
she had legs to look at
and nice shoulders
he was fit too
insofar as that goes
fashionable hipsters both
feeling one another up
only one hand each though
and they weren’t looking at each other
no longing glances, no kisses
just rubbing: legs, belly, back
a bit of groin probing
as in their other hands
they worked their cell phones
tapping, swiping, scrolling
staring into it like they might
lovingly their lover’s eyes
their attention fixed
into those glowing
held up spaces
and I wondered
‘is this performance art?’
not too shabby if it should have been
but it wasn’t
it wasn’t staged or planned or written
yet I want to go on considering it art
because that makes me feel better
just about

How to Get Ahead in Tequila Advertising

April 19, 2017

“Tomorrow is overrated,”
said the ad on television
so why not drink Cuervo today
pour it in ‘til life don’t matter
because life’s overrated too
and who doesn’t have it to waste
push a button or pull a knob
drugs or the grind both kill your time
we’re better off when getting blitzed
than yoked to the wheel taking shit
day’s are blessed with bottle in hand
no more concerns for our failed plans
let’s keep on keepin’ on drinkin’
to keep on keepin’ on winnin’
until that winning turns to lose
until that losing’s too much booze
sweet Cuervo Gold we can’t ignore
for Cuervo Gold es el mejor


April 18, 2017

the hard won prosperity
brought us by the greatest generation
has been bled dry
holes deliberately bored
into the chest
to be sure the heart
bleeds out
a cardiac ruin
starving the body of the nation
of the life blood’s benefits

the greatest generation’s
the country they fortified
and sustained
has been sabotaged
by their own children
the least generous generation
that was called the baby boom
for good reason it now seems
as they’ve blown up the system
that made our union worthwhile
and buggered all tomorrow’s babies

Pink Eye

April 17, 2017

What beauty’s more forlorn
albino flamingo
all the glorious
pink vibrancy
of the plumage
confined to the eye
the window
to the soul
of what
could have been


April 14, 2017

by not destroying those
who we see
destroying our children’s futures
are we behaving irresponsibly?

for those of us
who can see what is coming
do we owe humanity action?

is it our duty
to murder, to terrorize
to assassinate
to secure a more hopeful tomorrow?

if so, then in so doing
what do we know for certain
will have been changed
by our actions
that will ensure that better world?

it is unfortunate
we have been put in a place
where such uneasy questions as these
must be entertained at all
but Republican politicians recently did
posing the hypothetical:
do they travel into the past
murder Hitler in his crib?

this is more
than speculative sci-fi for us now
do we do it?

Ignore the Ignorance

April 13, 2017

As the fascists rise to power
the nightly news reports
the weather

As synagogues field bomb threats
and refugee families are turned away
because of religious beliefs
the nightly news reports
flight delays and stranded honeymooners
are interviewed by reporters in the studio
who wish them their best and say
“what a real nightmare.”

As ICE raids terrorize
separate parents from children
husbands from wives
and patriotic mobs scream
“build that wall,”
the nightly news reports
on a goldfish in a wheelchair

As healthcare benefits are slashed
and insurance rates soar
the nightly news advertises prescription drugs

As the fascists rise to power
I write this poem
drinking rye
watching World News Tonight with David Muir
as I contemplate whether or not
I am in need of Lyrica,
Trulicity, Cialis, Eliquis, Linzess, Nazis
and reports from the nightly news

The Trump Administration

April 12, 2017

the windows of white supremacy
are unshuttered
broken from the hinges
cast down
shattered on the castle’s foundation
exposed now
the venerable interior halls
to the elements
howling winds
hammering rains
extremes of hot and cold
freeze and thaw
cracking, eroding
casting into ruin
this once noble greatness
no more
than a noisome den
for invasive snarling vermin
left to wallow
in one another’s filth