You’re Fired, Man

betrayal, avoidable cruelty
rampant, proud idiocy
gullible inflexibility
and the occasional reversal
the whiff of better things to come
that won’t
all the elements are there
right out in the open
glaringly obvious
to anyone looking to see
who also have the nerve to believe it

Society, humanity
how we are
only one explanation fits
and we’re living now in a time
in which we’ve created
similar entertainments for ourselves
about ourselves
albeit, by necessity
much narrower in scope
than the grand stage on which our oppressors
have provided for us to play

We are a reality show
on it
we kick the piss
out of the weakest of us
the most vulnerable and exposed
are exploited mercilessly
we make wild claims sans evidence
and declare it
an ultimate truth and demonize
others who speak contrary
it’s all great laughable fun
but it’s been renewed far too many times

Mankind has jumped the shark
and there’s but one thing for it
the oppressors wisely included an exit strategy
planted it in season one
doomsday, Armageddon, apocalypse
Revelations… and as predicted
a flood of idiots arose
to buy into it
willfully going intellectually broke
in the process
and the time has arrived
the series finale
and other planets, other species
await to fill the programming gap left behind
in our self-cancellation


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