Ignore the Ignorance

As the fascists rise to power
the nightly news reports
the weather

As synagogues field bomb threats
and refugee families are turned away
because of religious beliefs
the nightly news reports
flight delays and stranded honeymooners
are interviewed by reporters in the studio
who wish them their best and say
“what a real nightmare.”

As ICE raids terrorize
separate parents from children
husbands from wives
and patriotic mobs scream
“build that wall,”
the nightly news reports
on a goldfish in a wheelchair

As healthcare benefits are slashed
and insurance rates soar
the nightly news advertises prescription drugs

As the fascists rise to power
I write this poem
drinking rye
watching World News Tonight with David Muir
as I contemplate whether or not
I am in need of Lyrica,
Trulicity, Cialis, Eliquis, Linzess, Nazis
and reports from the nightly news


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