There is nothing
of human beings
to recommend them
on an otherwise
lovely day – sunshine and light breeze
flower petals
from ever-green pear trees
falling like ticker tape snow
on me as I parade
warm and comfortable –
there are people and their noises
engines belching
horrible music, amplified thuds
voices raised, hollering
“Hey! Hey!”
and the sick animals
that humanity keeps
imprisoned birds squawking
fenced in dogs insanely barking
growling – charging the length
of their enclosure in rage
the stink of humankind
baking in plastic
as it awaits
the grumbling one-armed monster
to come
toss it into the air
invert its contents to fall
and dapple the air
in stench and debris
as a gas guzzling leaf blower
kicks dust into eyes and sinuses
clouding the street
in a roaring storm of shit
the lovely day is a ruin
my head undone
humanity a loss
and maybe all life
pointless, polluting
myself included
what a wonderful world
it might be
without animals
just the breeze
only the flowers
no one there
to make commentary of it


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