Who Wants to Die for Art?

Your murder on a holiday
will make your death more newsworthy
than the page three blurb
it otherwise would have been
be thankful your killer
had the good sense
to shoot you in the face
both with a gun and a camera
the footage of which
he posted to social media
not many are so fortunate
as to have their violent end
brought to national attention
by such a consummate
man of show business
his eye to sensationalistic detail
the unhinged rant, the random act
triggered by a break-up
by money problems
all confessed concisely
“I cracked,” he said
he cracked, luckily, on you
the family you leave behind
children, a spouse
biological accomplishment
increases your murder’s importance
elevating a mere atrocity
to art… to drama… to tragedy
in your demise you soar
high above the mundane
on Easter, a day of celebrated resurrection
you shine
a newly born star
for a little while


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