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Lost Letter

June 15, 2017

people of the USS USA
please be advised
your lengthy holiday
is coming abruptly
to its end
the captain has abandoned the helm
to go suck his own dick
in the case of this
unfortunate event
you may kiss your own
corn-fed ass
and in gratitude
it may serve as a flotation device
buoying you onward and outward
beyond the nuclear breakers
to your next election
even as the sharks beneath
and vultures overhead
circle and wait
contrary cogs turning
as above
so below
there you are
stuck in the middle
like the meat in a sandwich
bite down America
the time has come
this wallet jammed in your mouth
might save your tongue
your voice
and you may speak again
but the vacation’s over
and on the honeymoon
of 240 plus years
the only children conceived
are the unkind whores all too eager
to bury you
and take
joyfully triumphant
all the wealth
from off both the chest of drawers
and the wallet
leaving you
fucked to death
to rot