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Now When Then Was Now

July 22, 2017

Now is the horror
of the happy dream
to which you awake
in your rat-sheet bed
only half a bottle of wine
left in the fridge
it is neither a year ago
nor a hundred years to come
it is when you are
the air you breathe
water you drink
mates you find
who conquers
who betrays
who deceives
who seduces and fucks
defined by the forward roving
spotlight of now
born too late
born ahead of her time
choice of now is not available
and the worst now
in which to find yourself is the
why now
the most confusing & horrific
an answer never
the pain of a short life
within a long eternity
to be lived over the course
of an inscrutable when it is


To Thy Own Self Be Fucked

July 11, 2017

A bunny in raven’s skin
raw nerves and proximity panic
contained within
a suit, smart and black
levers and pulls
operated by whiskers and toes
ensconced in dreaded diligence
to stand sentinel
over every horror of life
from pilfered offspring, altricious
to political deception, malicious
the work
never done is
the disguise
never dropped can be
a blank, bleak despair
embraces daily all
either hop lowly
amongst the vast architecture of oppression
or wing it highly
keeling and reeling through the nightmare
the dark presence
and its darker shadow
falling over your own kind
who recognize wrongly
vigilance for paranoiac hubris
and condemn a true stately raven
back into rabbit skin to wear craven

Self Linguistic Flagellation

July 7, 2017

Awareness is cruelty
the alert mind to all
heart rhythms
respiration, digestion
totally awake to weight
and position of tongue
as sleep creeps in
the teeth
freshly flossed
chomping down upon
that broad pink worm they despise
the slippery muscled prick
using them for its pronunciation
dentition stomps
breeches skin and draws blood
to trickle down throat
and wake in choking pain
this insensate nothing
who calls itself human
an undesirous, boastful pig
snorting and wallowing in intestinal memories
as if it matters
strike down, white masters
make it bleed
grind its meat beneath your power
show that simpering slug its place
wake it up to its inconsequence
and forever after in the night
let it not rest again
as it ponders its self-made treachery
against its own sanity

The Capon

July 4, 2017

An inheritance of millennia’s worth
of words born
in antiquity of unenlightened minds
has poisoned through the ages
our discourses
straight up to the present
to such a toxic extent
that whining rapists
might be handed
scepter and crown
because still do too many feel
only a penis shall lead
no matter how meager
no matter how mean
the vain strutting cock
in crowing ignorance
shall accede