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Tough Fluff on the Breeze

August 17, 2017

Every coward is brave
hiding a thousand miles behind
the lines drawn
by the most powerful military might
thus far known
it is easy
to turn impotency
to nuclear fired rage
against an enemy
of the like whom they’ve never met
never parlayed, held council
broke bread
it is easy
to cry for blood
cities turned to sheets of glass
craters left in high desert sands
howling to refill
pouring, swirling back in
erasing mass murder
in a matter of days
but less easy
is to put that impotency
into the mortal perspective
of all who’ve lived
all who’ve seethed
in unrequited revenge
and turn away the rage
before embolism undoes life
sitting their red-faced and fat
reflected in the smart phone screen