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Lunar Loser

August 22, 2017

Most all ask the same question
we hear it on their airwaves
atmospheric broadcasts of limited range
they ponder
for hours, endless it feels

why have we come
what’s our purpose here

this as we wait
in giddy impassivity
for a move beyond
begging and pleading
trying to communicate
to understand
the documented struggle
as they come to grips
with the reality
of the greater universe
is depressingly repetitive
same and same
over and over
and when we’re done smirking
three second total annihilation
and usually that’s it…

but this one silly world had a moon
and on it
some idiot who identified herself
as an astronaut
one of their space explorers
who made it all the way next door

seeing her dead planet below
she cried out
and this was a bit of a first
“Why? Why would you?”
ridiculous question, ultimately
a better one is what we gave her
in turn
“Why wouldn’t we?”
and then we, unfortunately,
had to fuck up that moon’s shit
which was sad
clean and pristine as it was
except for some red, white and blue garbage
dangling on the end of a stick