Untitled Until Ending*

Compassion withers
mine for them
as increasingly I see
they have no more
than scavengers
squabbling over carrion
have for the fallen flesh
upon what they in frenzy feed
companions of gluttony and greed
disciples to it
shallow and callous
they screech their malignancy
insinuate it
into the heart of society
rotting out all decency and civility
making way
for the dark cancerous growth
a blossoming of antisocial lawlessness
the stinking flower of which
blooms septic across the sky
a shadow of shit
spread from sea to sea
without shine
the scintillations of the light
dying on the waters of life

*This poem is titled “Grand Old Poopy,” but the author of the poem thought it best the reader’s knowledge of said title be postponed until after reading in order to avoid accusations of using political bias as a tool to guide the reader’s judgment of the work.


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