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Any 11 for a Penny

October 30, 2017

O, to astral project the mind
to hear the music again
for the first time
young hands sliding in the tape
pressing the little door back in
cassette ready
pushing play
cogs turning
inexorably reeling in the music
from wheel to wheel it winds
anticipation in the hiss
all being focused
on the moment
as future rolls past
winding up, winding up
and the pitch
and the sound
and the song begins
never to be new no more
only rewound
in memory…

and physically too
obviously I didn’t throw the tape away
after only one play
but that wasn’t
the point
here being made
or was it
doesn’t matter
I’ll just listen
on Youtube


Service to the World

October 18, 2017

Here’s the thought…

put down the drink
that’s the hardest part
push back off the bar
hands pressed into black cushion
stool legs twisting on red carpet
walk away
out the double front door onto the veranda
breathe in the exhaust scented air
deep, really fill the lungs
remain determined
slam outward through the gate
wait for it
see the bus coming
rushing to make the light
as it barrels across the intersection
step into the street
listen to the sound, to the screech
and calculate
if indeed the driver
truly did care to stop
or knew
she was doing the world a service

No Dogs Allowed

October 17, 2017

In a dog’s eyes
on a dog’s face
what we see
in its expression
is a reflection
our own feelings
mirrored back at us
this is why
I cannot live
in canine company
to see
my emotional state
the self-loathing
the disgust in humanity
the destructive storms of incompetence and failure
sitting across from me
in another living creature
only intensifies and clarifies
my wish to escape
that flickering of hope for release
which must daily
in alcohol be doused
lest the genie see the way
grant the wish
and break the lamp
for good

Russian Revolution

October 13, 2017

a dream of so many
springs of well-being
to come
equality, justice
a world wide union
stable and peaceful
but all before the sorrow
the fall to ruin
all greatness for the future
smashed to humankind’s shame
an endless humiliation
cast upon those who dream
who dare to hope aspire
dashed down to earth
like all the destroyers past
a meteor, a madman
faith and suffering
love of comrades expired
to camps, to death
dinosaur or man
only those who take flight

Chilled Vodka

October 10, 2017

My days end in a void of sense
helplessly robbed without defense
all I am terribly plundered
all my being cast asunder
intellectually bereft
gone in a drink, all my self

The No Match

October 5, 2017

Glances across meeting
two automatic smiles
seeing in one another instantly
their matching nature
both burst in harsh laughter
slithering onward after
their own way
the side-eyed hunt
seeking unwary prey
separately continues