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March 30, 2018

Wind in the fronds
like breakers at the beach
vast devastating emptiness
of the ocean
from shore, deception
under waves teems too much
as beneath the rustling palm crowns
so too
apparent desolation
sound of traffic, of trains
and footsteps, obscured
by persistent static hiss
where even birds not dare
on such gales
yet we make our paths below
and later below
and still later below
sky, waves, graves



March 17, 2018

This is the eternity you will go to
It will be damp, cold and filled with leaping shadows
You will be a child, lost
You will want safety, warmth and more than anything
To be found
To find your parents
Alleyways and long dank halls
Dead end roads and ladders up to rooftops
These you will crawl and climb and cry
When it is too much
When your throat is raw from calling out
Mom, Dad
As you slump to the ground
All hope vanquished
You will hear your name
From off your mother’s lips
Your father’s question rings out
Where could she have gone
And you will double down on your search
You’ve spent too long looking to give up
And in this way
Will your eternity play out
And out again
And it will broadcast on ABC
And stream live on Disney Prime
A massive hit
Millions of enrapt viewers
Every day
Every hour
Of your endless yearning moment
To find what will forever allude

Foxgloves for the Fight

March 16, 2018

They are children
bodies mutilated in contest
for adoring pleasure
pitting child against child
cheering, jeering
adulation, derision
these children
who go after each other with knives
are our children
our neighbors’
and strangers’
concussed and bleeding
in the colors of their team
flying signifiers of allegiance
for the crowd
not knowing for whom to root
will descend into violent chaos
upon itself
and so to sport
and so to war
they go
those children
who come home to us with knives
knowing nothing else
but knives, pain, mutilation
again and again to it they return
the contest, sport or war
jersey or uniform
into acceptance
team colors the spectators soothe
as the children succumb
to the death wish of their joy

Gender is as Gender Does

March 13, 2018

Between gender and sex
be not bemused
sex is the concrete formation
the determined
intra- or extra-
-version of your nebulous
abdominal terminus
either dangling for laughs or
neatly tucked away
that is
grotesquely understated
what it is
but genderization
is conceptual
a form held in thought
a confusion
that believes
female is feminine
and male masculine
but neither is either
nor one the other
but both may bleed
freely back and forth
ebb and flow
low and high
forward into
or back out of
what is now cemented
was once
a stirrable slurry
ready to accept the mold, the trowel
and be
whatever it was necessary for it to be
new forms
old shapes
the inside out
fully malleable
cock or cunt or both of the mind

Such a Comfort

March 5, 2018

Too much is made of the time
wherein, the people
to contend by battle
muster the will for all out war
it’s in the opposite of the will
in apathy, boredom
desensitized indifference
a world too tired, to put upon
oversaturated in information
exhausted of clarity, of passion
no longer caring
simply succumbed to inevitability
ready and accepting
the entire species Homo sapiens
shoulders slumped
a haunted worldwide sigh
the soft susurrus exhalation
blanketing the Earth
in resignation
go ahead, dear leaders
drop the bombs
hand out the guns
deploy the troops
and beg the gods
no more piqued by folly
than the vaporized
than the blind entombed
losing divine interest
they fade
receding back into dream
now that the dreamers
at last dream no more