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Useless Jackasses Who Carry No Weight

March 14, 2016

We are told they are dissatisfied
angry at the president
at the very principles of governance
they shriek and jeer and assemble
commit acts of aggravated assault
make vituperative declarations
against the opposition
who they condemn fully
in no uncertain terms
as all that is wrong
not only with the country
but with themselves
their enemies they blame
for their own awful behavior
as if to say
the Jews brought the holocaust
on themselves
black Africans brought slavery
on themselves
like the misbehaved child
brings upon herself
vicious lashings
blow after whipping blow
of the razor’s strop
of the belt’s buckle
of the saw’s singing blade
an excuse of a rapist
the way she smiled
the way she dressed
the way she walked
she made me fuck her
against her will
likewise for the would-be
purity police who seek
to make America
great again
gay marriage, healthcare reform
unionized labor
Muslims, immigrants
feminists and other uppity thugs
and… activist judges
and… government overreach
and… welfare queens
these animals
and their abuses
they make them do it
make them hurl racial epithets
strangle reporters
beat protesters bloody
and eject all undesirables
from their blanched hate-filled rallies
but for all my consideration
that I’ve given them
I cannot understand their rage
violent crime is at an historic
all time low; unemployment and gas prices
also low
we all live at a time
of plentiful food, water, entertainment
our comfort level inconceivable
to those of only a century past
deadly and debilitating diseases
many of them eradicated
penicillin and vaccines extend lives
improve the quality of life
the means to communicate instantly
from nearly anywhere
in our hands
in our pockets and purses
vast reservoirs of knowledge, information
at our beck and keystroke
even the threat of nuclear annihilation
from the heightened cold war terrors
of thirty years ago
has been greatly reduced
yet still they are angry
they hate
they froth at the mouth
sieg heil and fly confederate flags
they’ve never had it so good
and still they cry and whine
and bitch and moan
throwing temper tantrums, hissy fits
and always playing the victim
persecuted straight white Christians
my only hope for them
my wish
is that these sorry fuckers
have real pain in their lives
never know what it is
to see their children starve
their fields burn
their cities die
because these pampered, privileged, pusillanimous
putrid pansy piles of puke
would simply curl up in a ball
rocking themselves back and forth
no more hatred to shriek
swallowed whole by grief, sorrow
drowned out by their mournful wails
unaware now of nothing more


Projection Past

December 20, 2012

play the past like improvisational jazz
keep a core,
a refrain to strike
when the entire edifice, so shaken
begins desedimentation
bring it all back to one inviolable simple fact
and then, once calm, solo
wildly – careering dangerously
off course, far right
trumpet your cause du jour
dead men refute no tales
corpsely marionettes on live master wires
assert your views, repeat frequently and loudly,
in no time a million ears
disapprove of a million years
and time’s deep expanse
is contracted to a microscopically manageable
handful of moments…
once you take your audience there,
disastrously diminished to greatness,
reduced to a state of exalted significance,
then they will eat from your open palm
plucked and dried
kernels of corn from your own shit

so strike with everything you’ve got
ring out those chords – push out those turds
the triumph of reality is fiction
revisable, editable fables
served to pulpy incurious minds
in desperate need of fortification
and soothing… relax, be calm
for America really is founded upon Judeo-Christian values
the Civil War was all about states’ rights
and nothing, no, nothing else
because our founding fathers fought to end slavery
as good devout men of faith
deeply enamored of a divine savior,
meddling in the affairs of man and state and sport
casting about blessings
extravagantly and willy-nilly
like a drunk offering praise,
and now they’re there
believing it all
accepting the historical fact of it,
take them back to the refrain
that recognizable oasis of sanity
in an insane Islamic desert
America is the greatest nation in the history of Earth
America is the greatest nation in the history of Earth
America is the greatest nation in the history of Earth
repetition is bliss
familiarity is happiness
rinse and repeat
rinse and repeat
play that song one more time
I haven’t heard it in minutes

Detroit and New Orleans are Mere Harbingers

October 28, 2012

When young it was a given
when the cities went they would go
in sudden pyrocumulus columns
flapping at heaven’s underbelly
like a fairy ring of hairy membranous wings
and not as they are –
economically consumed by amber waves of prairie grass
in the withering wake of
industrial collapse or
subsumed by greedy seas
seeking vast tracts
of prized real estate or
gutted by ghetto creep, stinking
like an expansive mildew stain
fueled by a private drain upon
what small scraps it ever was the public had –
as schools fail
as hospitals shutdown
as drug clinics go bust
as buses and trains rust
as libraries burn for fuel
as police flee for the countryside
as religions cast blame
and men are strapped to goats’ backs
driven by force of stone into desert wilds
there will I be laughing at this disgusting
race of brutes who grandly deserve
each misery, each grief, each pain and violent repercussion
self inflicted upon themselves
by means of willful and hateful ignorance
the same as a newborn infant deserves
everything these fucks have slowly reduced to nothing
but archaeological evidence of wasted ruin

The Job Creators

October 4, 2012

Money is a tool of discrimination
as sure as posting the
“No Coloreds Allowed” warning
outside the diner;
the same as banning Jewish land ownership
exclusivity is the domain of the privileged
the powerful squashing the powerless
putting ‘them’ in ‘their’ place
special elite forces of nature
keeping the lackey down
suit and tie dress code
five dollar cups of coffee
priced out of consideration
worthiness based on bank

the rich and the poor
prejudicial divisiveness
just as white knew what’s best for black
rich knows better than poor their own good
unable to purge the master/slave dichotomy
from their world view
they condescend and patronize
patting the po’ boy on his back
and ruffling up his hair
you little dickens
let me tell you about the dignity of work
work that’s tailor-made for someone like you

work for you, granted to you
as your right to work by the rich
who go by another name now: The Job Creators
a sacred class of economic angels
don’t judge them unfavorably
their responsibilities are great,
beyond any petty worries of common laborers
who just need to shut up
about any of that unionization crap and do their jobs,
created by those who also determine the job’s value,
decide what a fair days pay means,
and gives it to – gives it to you hard, bitch –
Who’s your daddy? Come on! Who’s your daddy?
The man holding the whip, that’s who…
exclusivity, baby
rich white men only… CRACK!

Fearing Me, Fearing You, Ah-ha!

September 8, 2012

Fear is the way to fascism
Who is telling you to be afraid?
Who is pointing to others
and telling you those others
are the cause
of all your problems?
The fascists are they
who whisper these things
who exploit, manipulate and scapegoat
it’s them – the criminals of freedom
the traitors of liberty
constructing a warped state in which
our neighbors are spies
fellow citizens enemies
where people are designated true or false
real or fake, legal or illegal
fear immigrant, fear woman
fear voter fraud and gun control…

Blame can be laid upon a thousand doorsteps
like a flaming brown paper sack, like a burning cross
frightening them who frighten us,
and once the fuel of temerity is exhausted
we are left with cold ash and shit
and they will find for us a reason
to be scared of even that…

We must quiver in dread, hearts leap into our throats,
tremble in cold anxious sweat, light-headed
at the very thought
of people, anywhere, who are in their own small way
different from us – and for them all
we harbor our special classico riserva hate
the hate only a fascist can feel
for the anti-fascist, colliding in space’s vacuum
annihilating each other totally
and then they have made of us, them

Republican Fight Song

September 4, 2012

Facts pass through my brain like bullets shot into a Jello mold
ripping holes through the mass
at uncapturable speed
blink, and you’ll have missed it
as the gelatin oozes back in
collapsing the tunnel
trapping the fruit cocktail inside
with no chance of escape
like men suffocating
in a safety deregulated mining disaster

Hallowed Be Thy Fed

September 1, 2012

here you have the secular state
and the sacred church there,
but now we’ve got a lot of highly vocal people
who would like to se them
neither here nor there but together
Godly authority vested in the state
now, what’s weird
is these anti-separation of church & state people
tend to be precisely the same sorts
who malign the government
display open contempt towards it
frown upon it as illegitimate
get angry over public services paid for through taxation
they despise federal regulations
for crippling business and industry… So…
I’m sure you can see where this is going,
why is it these folks would then
like to see the Fed enforce religious dogma
dictate biblical interpretation and meaning
and would a tax by any other name cost them less
would they feel better about paying their fair share
if it was good for their soul
say, in the area of an 80% tithe rate
on all income… also, since this would be God’s land
you’re going to pay property tithes
big time on those –– and there’ll be an indulgence fee
on all purchases, food included
to guarantee a heavenly blessing
upon your consumer goods
after all, it won’t be easy funding heresy police
and every child: red and yellow, black & white
their divinity school doesn’t come cheap either
and the finest ministers of the well-funded
department of homeland theosophy all agree
insurance and wall street and market speculations
all are clear treacheries against the divine will
the wages of sin are the losses of liberties
wicked, impious children will be whipped by the state
raised by the state
imprinted with the values of the state
is this your big tea party dream
because, believe me
when the government gets into the Jesus business
their Jesus and your Jesus
may not be entirely simpatico
and their Jesus will kick your Jesus’s god damned ass
never to be heard from again
as your children report you…
the crime: high apostasy
the penalty: to be determined by the Inquisition Czar
and yes, lest we forget
those prohibitions on cruel and unusual punishment
horrible secular law that… and gone


August 27, 2012

Compassion is not everything
generosity is not everything
what matters most
what has the most to do with everything
is who we choose to be
generous and compassionate toward
it is in our choices
we truly show our ass to the world
and once exposed
it will be for the world to pick
whether to kiss or whether to kick

Santorum’s Faithy Tales

February 11, 2012

Santorum is the current GOP presidential frontrunner. He is a man who breaks bread with noted white supremacist, Bob Vandervoort. He thinks birth control is an abomination against God. He thinks women should be forced to bear the children conceived of a rapist’s attack… even if that rapist is their father, brother, uncle… He believes biblical creationism should be taught as science and that evolution is just a theory, and that anthropomorphic global warming is a myth perpetrated by leftists to end freedom. He is a man who believes homosexuality is the same as corpse fucking. He is quite simply deranged, hateful, fantasy prone and swept up in one of the most dangerous conspiracy theories since the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and on top of all this, he walks away from the Church when it doesn’t suit the will of his corporate masters. Money and power trumps God every time.
When asked, “With you lining up with the Catholic faith on so many issues, why not the Catholic Church on health care since it is a value and a human right?” He hemmed and hawed and eventually came to this answer, “… do I believe that people should have the opportunity to purchase health care? Yes. Do I believe that it is the right that the government should impose and control? No. It’s one thing to say that people have a right to access of care. It’s another to say that the government should be the implementer of that. And something tells me that government is the least effective tool to make that the best possible care.”
I’ll tell you what Rick, I want the best possible president, but I know I’m not going to get it. I am also not looking for the best possible care. I don’t even know what that would be. The best possible? I hope the best possible health care doesn’t exist yet. I have dreams for the immortality of man, but I’m not asking to be immortal here. Republicans behave as if we are to have two choices, no health care or THE BESTEST FREAKING CARE EVARRR!!!!!! Black and white, no compromise, blinded by their devout corporate loyalties as much as their delusional faith in iron age fairy tales. One last thing, Rick Santorum, if there’s ever been a ‘least effective tool,’ it’s you.


January 6, 2012

When I see your Obama bumper sticker right next to one reading, “Goddess on the Loose,” I know, without a doubt, that I seriously loathe you, and that your juxtaposition of stickers simply hurts the progressive cause when a fence straddler sees your car’s rear end and decides he actually wouldn’t mind a misogynistic Republican putting that loose Goddess on ice. I suppose it isn’t too terrible that this is the worst wart inflicting the left. It’s not nearly as hideous as the Christian theocratic tendencies erupting from the suppurating sores of the Republican Party, but it is the same kind of mystical shit insanity. Rather than an ancient cobbled together text of nonsensical delusions and archaic rules that guides the right wing, a piece meal philosophy of wishy-washy Wicca and new age pablum has infected fringes on the left and I can’t tolerate one kind of idiocy over another. Just so I can know where all the irrational nuts stand, you should put your stupid Goddess bullshit back in the cage and go out and get yourself a Jesus fish and Santorum 2012 sticker. You’ll be better off in the long run and so will the left. Jesus, that fucking Goddess bumper sticker put me one step closer to requiring a “Crazed Gunman on the Loose” sticker on my own bumper. And at least mine would be the truth. Bang, bang, shoot, shoot.