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Conk Wet

March 17, 2016

Opioidal scum come
Ask for ice
Bartender he scream
Out rotten cunt
No fuckin’ hospice you
junkie adjust jersey
Try for presentable
Beggar tactic
Pathetic big eye
Pouty lip mouth
Please mr. boss man
Ain’t no love
I told you fuck off
Scabby cracker
And no more bones
Boy he goes
Back onto hard
Toy district street
Place for kiddies
Nope uh-uh screw dat
Harsh man I say cool
Man want ice only
Laughing goes the master
Other drinker inquire
What you s’pose
He want ice fo
Unsure I reply
Ease the heaty hurt
Gray hair alkie
Hoot a wild chuckle
Oh shit no
Say him
You really believe it
I says I do
You green he say
Wet behind ear
Damn addict
Could shoot up
Just using all the liquid
Washing round
‘Hind your conk shell orifices
I feel so much stupid
So I do what I do
And I giggle too