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Glory Halleflujah

February 3, 2015

My God
I must sacrifice the children of non-believers
the scent of their roasted flesh
He finds most pleasing
mass graves of toddlers
their tiny bodies covered in lye
this is simply the inevitable result
of my good faith
religious convictions
I cannot help what I believe
who is anyone to tell me I’m wrong
your God enjoys lovely songs
as His due praise
mine, the blood of diseased infants
to grant my God His will on Earth
I am like Abraham
ready to stick it into Isaac
the only difference
my God doesn’t fuck around
my children’s lives are equally forfeit
as those of the heathen trash
a return to the dark ages of plague
will not be halted
as fires and bombs and rampage killings
sweep the halls of the enemies
Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi
all producers of vaccines
shall be put to the blade
my God, my dear God
Thy Kingdom comes
in sickness reign


The Next Big Thing

January 10, 2013

It’s all stuff forgotten
from when my Grandmother was a girl
coming back for us
who’ve never known it
coming back for those who forgot.

Furniture on the street remains untouched
the scavengers are leery of such dross
they’re full of bedbugs…
Little home invaders
biting people in the night,
nibbling up belts of soars
they’re making a return
coming back to the limelight,
sleeping tight in motel rooms
under wallpaper, in the bed
and chests of drawers

“I remember she had furniture
and mattresses in a pile on the lawn,”
Grandma recalled her mom
in her blue work dress
set to put those bugs to bed
“and it all went up in flames, burned up
she doused it in kerosene and set it on fire.”

Bedbugs in flames and whooping cough in the lungs
K. got the cough
it tired her out and she would
hack and hack in horrible fits
convulsing her small frame
sometimes she would whoop
Not often, half of sufferers whoop
giving the cough its name
just the same as bedbugs hiding behind
wallpaper, in wainscoting and carpet fibers
They don’t need a bed to be a bedbug
and a cough doesn’t need a whoop.

“We all had it. My three younger sisters
died,” Grandma explained about coughs
that kill and have been forgotten
but still come back home
to live in your bed
to live in your lungs

When life is good there is no history
and when history returns to feed
the new history starts on us.
Time begins at the tragedy
and what happened before is not our fault.
Soon all the grandmothers will be dead
and the bedbugs and deadly coughs
will be all ours, waiting,
biding time we do not have
for the next big thing.