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Sacred Ground to Dust

June 12, 2017

And all the universe
became a pollution
of dead gods
when my pantheism
into atheistic ruins
where once
was a concrete step
imbued with divinity
there is now
a coarse cement sepulcher
for the doomed deity
entombed forever within
even as time
grows moss upon it
and erodes it into dust
each mote
carries the death
of all that was holy
as does every falling leaf
every atom cast
from every exploding star
all time
all space
a mass grave
for reckless beliefs



June 2, 2015

What will happen is not what I want to happen
there is no reconciling my desires
to the truth – all that lives, dies
all that exists, will cease to
this is so fundamentally basic
as to be idiotic to point out
it’s hard carved into DNA stone
a frog knows death
well enough, at least
to know to hop from it
and maybe it can’t recall its pollywog days
legless, followed by sprouting buds
growing, lengthening, strengthening
until finally the moment came
SPRING! the first leap in a series
a finite series
jumping to the last, to the end
whether it understands its mortal plight
is not irrelevant
I would like to know
if it harbors a belief of amphibious resurrection
a continuance of its bounding life
beyond the bounds of its life
if therein the frog shares
a unity with man
a base core wish
innate to all that swim, creep or crawl
a difficult denial to overcome
that perhaps no animal can
except the human, and in that thought
I can find solace
that it is not an immortal soul
placed within by divine spark
that separates man from beast
but our ability
to admit to ourselves
that it’s not there
that humanity never had it
and never will


May 15, 2015

the very fact
the word exists
tells us much
it means
there is a special class
of improvable entity
invisible to investigation
that we find it bizarre
when someone concludes
based on the lack of proof
available to her senses
that it does not actually exist
which is precisely what we do
for a broad menagerie
of other imaginary friends
beyond detection:
mermaids, planet X, poltergeists
sure some people
believe in bigfoot, in ghosts
in the loch Ness monster
and they head out into the woods
inside abandoned farm houses
onto the lake in search of…
but there is no word
for disbelief in these things
those unbelievers are simply
not strange enough
to merit a special label
there is no value
in demonizing the man
who thinks dragons
are make believe
there are no political points
to score
off the candidate who does not accept
without evidence
alien anal probes
or mountaintops aswarm in Yeti
but apply the same
reasoning, scrutiny and skepticism to GOD
and SLAP!
out trots the word
to brand
to ostracize
to castigate
yes, we are a fucked up world
to have to have that word

The Suck Cross

August 26, 2014

Balance over what gazes back
across the plank in the eye
arms straight out to the sides
nailed true east and west
hold steady
maintain the stance
care and caution are key
an abyss under waits
hungry as a newborn
suck response nipple seeking
best advice:
avoid being milked
stay the course
above the staring dark
that craves the fall
into its depths
beautifully black
swirling vortex
more than metaphor
no simple trick
to get across the trap
to tap the cross
drain its sap
drink deep its sticky soul-sucking sweets


February 7, 2013

there are no gods
but their worship is real
and it brings ruin and madness
it molds and casts slavish armies
devoted zealots
murmuring untruths and condemnation
it births false and deadly causes
unjust crusades
it murders the innocent
the different
those who refuse to bend the knee
forgo pointless genuflection
those whose sight breaks the dark murk of piety
setting light upon the monsters called gods
hiding in their holy barbarity
blood-thirsted black-vomited horrors
lunatics of man’s creation
imaginary cowards
demanding death, acquiring lives
wasting years, decaying minds
feasting fatly on great absurdities
engorged by shame and self-denial…
there are no gods
but if there were
they would be powerful and wealthy
they would rule over fools
bowing and scraping – serving their egotistic fancies
performing their sacrifices of good faith
even rapists and killers have loyal dogs
there are no gods
but if there were
they would be undeserving of worship

Apologia Atheistica

January 23, 2012

The cat next door is licking its anus right out in the open in front of God and everybody, and this got me thinking about God… because I’m an atheist and atheists as a disparate group of people tend to obsess over God quite a bit or at least how belief in God effects those very many people we spend our lives living amongst.  I suppose an atheist is like a cop on the beat.  They become attuned to spotting criminal activity and potential crime everywhere they look.  Atheists become startlingly alert to all the God madness around every corner and every television channel, but you point out the madness to others and they simply don’t see it.  I can walk right through the middle of a street drug deal and not see a thing.  I don’t have the trained eye for it.  Although, I’m not as bad as my friend who can be directly offered hard drugs and not realize what’s happening.  The kid rode up to him on his bicycle and asked in that rapid-fire monosyllabic staccato burst typical of drug dealers, “You want some meth?”  My friend didn’t quite hear him so asked, “What?”  The dealer repeated his question, and my friend responded, “Yeah, I like The Smiths.  Some of their stuff anyway.”  And with that the mighty drug deal failed in a meteor storm of miscommunication, but I was thinking about God and how believers and their apologists can be driven to fuming fury over the slightest slight to their belief structure.  I think it’s because indefensible positions tend to provoke wild vitriol and irrational hysteria since it’s really the only recourse to anybody fervently believing in something that can’t be supported by facts.  If there’s no evidence, then all we’re left with is mad monkey shrieking to drive away the contrarian interloper.  The metaphor of the Christians and the lions is really apropos here.  Atheists are the big cat, stalking weak prey out of nothing more than simple hunger.  We don’t mean to make the poor monkeys go all into a frightened tizzy; we just need something to eat.  Meat of any kind and we go after what we find even when it brings down on our heads mad shitting derangement, and what’s the end game to Christian panic?  Blowing up abortion clinics?  Shooting doctors?  Stoning gays to death?  Crashing jet airplanes into skyscrapers?  Destroying works of art?  Look, you don’t need to do any of that.  I know change is scary, and the world’s moving fast and it seems less and less likely that Jesus is coming back for your soft white ass, but believe me, we all really can get along, but some of your flock will be devoured along the way, and reincarnated as one of us, and the new ones, they can be the hungriest.