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Back to It Tonight

June 7, 2017

At dawn parting
exhausted by the night’s labors
no prescription of clocks
or astronomically marked
calendar days
could make me accept
after the long graveyard’s work
when cheerful colleague chirped
“See you tonight,”
that I would
see her tonight
reeling against the fact
of the word
a sharp cold shiver
striking the bones
out into the winter morning
from off factory floor
single word
steam of air
a futile denial
when truth it is
to turn one’s back to it


Message in a Bottle

December 15, 2014

Universalize your actions
imagine all
behaving, acting
doing as you do
I think this was Kant
how he perceived
a moral world ought to be measured
you are the yardstick
that’s right
you miserly asshole
you self-obsessed cunt
you hateful fuck
you can’t justify
you just keep on keeping on
watching Fox News
listening to Rush radio
shopping at Wal-Mart
eating fast food
wearing sweat shop shoes
donning white hoods
voting Republican
ignoring facts
shitting and pissing and belching and bitching
what a world you’re making
thanks, thanks a lot
I thank you
my son thanks you
future generations thank you
for to them
your selfish heartlessness today
is a message in a bottle
a clear moral choice
and a lesson in reasonable justice
to crush and kill your kind on sight

Here’s to the Breezes

March 22, 2014

proctological exams have shown
95% of mankind
thinks using its ass
don’t be surprised
it’s never been disguised
the homo sapiens’ sapiening ability
ain’t all it’s cracked up to be
out of the crack
up comes the thought
rectal knowledge
fricative blasts
o, what a gas
bias, denial, too much beer
I think therefore I am
but it don’t mean the thought is clear
muddied waters
clouded skies
intoxicated minds
poison the vision of reality
the butt prevails leading from behind
brown eye of the storm
swirling dark, churning thought
round and round and down the drain
all too easy to believe in the head
brain within the skull
like a plant in its pot
but when the wind comes to blow
boughs bend and break
creeping stink overtakes
swaying branches in the breeze
shitting monkeys in the trees

Because They’re So Darn Dumb

January 24, 2014

Initially, you react well
because this is denial:
Arrogance, Bemusement, Careless indifference
it distracts; it’s easy
you’re feelin’ fine
giddy with your sense of superiority
high-flying over others’
irrational worries
you jest and scoff
but this is crass self-indulgence
your belief in secret knowledge
for that too is denial: conspiracy,
possession of access
to a clearer vision of reality
you plug up your ears
against expert opinion
against theories that are just
denial is a way to feel special
to laugh at stupid friends
sneer at scientific facts
evidence – what’s that
scientists are liars
and they’re always changing their minds about stuff
whereas you hold
in your hands
word – inerrant and eternal
the wisdom of the ages
and it’s been around for damn near 2,000 years
if science is so smart
then why didn’t it ever think
to just open up the right book?

We The Unwanted People

September 11, 2012

I am at lengths to explain
the lengths people will go to explain
all matter of astonishing bullshit
they inexplicably assume to be not bullshit
be it pixie dust, bigfoots or
be it black helicopters…
be it singular creation, magic
aliens or be it panspermia
hard eggs in brine have better laid logic
maggots in wounds have better made plans,
trees in forests have greater privacy,
than the socially isolated retards
of the ruling class
who save for their future like pickling veg
who plan for health by means of parasite
who hide like oasis palms in the Sahara
fastidious in their deception of themselves
complete in the lies told to followers
absolute in baseless convictions
no ordinary idiots could be as such
no wonders match consumer lust
massive swollen balls do not elephantiasis make –
thickened and cracked epidermis,
in appearance so ele-phant-ee,
is the namesake of the disease – the disease of the grand old elephant that
calls on the fire to extinguish the flames
infuriates flames to quell engorged fires
pumped up on ever-loving brute force
brung down in low wallowing denial
of bread and hunger and shooting seed
giving unto the galaxy what needs to need
cock to explode
mind to unload
fevers of times unforjizzened
reel it on home
into the mansions of the only class
fit to rule
like a king
a queen
a corporate billionaire ¬–
anyone who won’t deny the charges
of bulls
back to the wall
up against the street
where our strengths
are clearly not
the unwanted people,
we the… etcetera…

Sadist’s Paradise

August 19, 2012

Civilization deregulated
by the destructive anarchic impulse of cowards
who see in others, only threats ¬–
diffidence driven,
fearful of the loss of their privilege,
they terrorize
out of their own terror
an eyes-popping, jaw-dropping dread
of equality –
in no country born of the enlightenment
is there room for men (for they are mostly men)
who hammer back against progress
and would rebuild dams
to temper and control the flow
bearing down upon their world in a cold wave
of anxious panic that unleashes
irrational hostility they disguise as politics and economics
Abbot and Costello meeting Frankenstein
possessed greater composure
than these fear-mongering prophesiers of doom
running blindly rampant
trampling all charitable extensions of the state
breaking pro-social bonds as if a guarantee of the
imminent collapse they predict
as they praise
the USA
as the greatest nation ever on Earth, they denigrate
its people,
subject them to 2nd & 3rd class citizenship,
mark them as illegals,
cede government authority to the banks,
allow the degradation of its water, air and land,
worship market forces
no matter how crude and selfish as they praise
this USA
they attack state control of health, of justice
all the while tightening its grip on morality
on conduct, on choice to turn back
the tide of time
on the civilizing processes of history
to normalize torture, legalize animal cruelty,
delegitimize emancipation
criminalize homosexuality
virtuize the death penalty
and penalize women for the effrontery of being women…
these men: unchecked, unchallenged
would take us back centuries
into the fearsome counter-scientific darkness
of inquisitions, crusades and witch hunts
of blasphemy, heresy and apostasy
debtor’s prisons, bodies on the coals
warlords on horseback
rape rewards for service and loyalty
scourging, humiliation, impalement
institutional sadism, wars of genocide
suffering will be the new global constant
as the ancestors of these men
who we allow to get away with it today
take rule over the counter-cultural future of fear


July 24, 2012

pits of the dead
bodies tossed higgledy-piggledy
lying every which way like the aftermath of a
temper tantrum
corpses, thousands rotting – skin and bones
half starved but fully dead
crooked arms, bare feet and genitals, knobby knees and bulbous elbows
legs twisted and intertwined
it’s like a bowlful of sugary children’s cereal gone soggy
all composed of funny animal shapes, but mostly
shaved emaciated apes
sodium hydroxide and water poured like milk
disgusting belching holes of putrid gases
it’s al so… all so…
unGerman, and you’re trying to tell me
these people of efficiency and meticulous order
these people of precision and finely tuned engineering
that they’re responsible for this?
I find it hard to believe
now the German way would be to measure plots
perfectly excavated to the meagerest fraction of an inch
like an Olympic swimming pool
encase the bodies neatly in cling wrap
roll them round and round, bound up like mummies
and laid in careful stacks – passed down
assembly line style
from the shower to the mass grave
stacked like campfire logs… yeah,
nice and clean and no unsightly nudity
that’s the way – if it’d have been like that I’d’ve believed it,
but as it is, this Holocaust thing… obvious hoax, right?