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August 3, 2017

invisible in lemon juice
like magical Muslim seeking bullets
coated in bacon fat
the leastly self-aware
grandeurly delude their capability
a barely walking
carelessly talking, turmeric stained
Dunning-Kruger effect
in the semblance
of an alleged human
being illusory in all aspects
of its own reflexive assessment
of its superiority as
the best, the most, the only one ably
nobody else who can
insight and knowledge
surpassing the greatest minds
in all fields
from warfare to beauty pageants
everybody run
Miss Teen USA’s got
four-thousand thermonuclear
double-D guns
lactating madly
retaliation pussy-grabbly
mushroom clouds of incompetence
sadly misfired, miscalculated, Miss-teened
anointed in vitriolic oil one-forty
rained in praises of showers goldly
like lemon juice concealing
features identifiably
of the charlatan in chiefly, gloating ego
bank-robbing bigly