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Commandment 11

December 24, 2014

Keep all your threats and promises
this I command
never allow one to go unfulfilled
honor what you have spoken
perform what deeds you have said
shall transpire
letters clipped from magazines
assembled into messages
and delivered
to the adoptive
homosexual parents of your hostage
should not contain menace unmeant
thou shalt not bluff
if you feel you may be incapable
of cutting off
their darling boy’s ears
to be followed by
the fingers of his left hand
and then his nose
after which you will sever
both feet, his right hand
and finally the whole head
all the while
shipping it piece by piece through the mails
then threaten it not
a terrorist is only as good as his word
when others fail to pay heed
to your wild ravings
against modernity, faggots and sluts
it is because of a weakness in yourself
revealed by your failed acts
when you stand up to the enemies of God
and pronounce idle oaths
you curse your Lord a liar
no greater blasphemy could you commit
better it would be
to denounce your faith utterly
than to lay lies upon the divine tongue
if you are true to your Lord
your Lord will be true to you
an honest heart’s hands
will be guided sure
in cautious incendiary construction
hallowed be your pipe bomb
now the Planned Parenthood is a smoking
wound of bloody ruin
sweet billowing pyro-cumulus
wafting the aroma
of scorched harlot Heavenward
burnt whore pleases the Lord
pleases the Lord
burnt whore
burnt whore
oh how it pleases the Lord


Massively Gay Humping Queer Same Sex Love Marriage!

October 6, 2011

There’s this post swarming virally around on Facebook about gay marriage.  It’s an easy update for people to make because they just have to post this picture:

I understand the sentiment, but it’s a sloppy one that’s poorly thought out.  Until there is such a thing as marriage equality for same sex couples, calling it “gay marriage” or “same sex marriage” or “double cunnied connubiality” or “Nancy Boy nuptials” is important.  The concept of two people of the same sex getting married has to be boldly asserted and inserted into the language.  When written into law, it will be boldly asserted, and then, eventually, like the snotty image above says, it will become simply known as “marriage.”

Interracial marriage was at one time illegal.  It’d be weird to hear anyone talk about interracial marriage today, as in, “Yeah, I have an interracial marriage to go to this weekend.”  Before it was illegal, the whole interracial aspect of it had to be in people’s faces.  If I had a marriage to go to this weekend, and it was two fellows or two ladies tying the knot, then I would most certainly declare to the nearest homophobe in ear-shot that I have a “Massively gay-humping queer same-sex-love marriage to attend and support this weekend, and it’s right down the street, in a park in broad daylight and there will be flags!”  Now excuse me as I need to STRAIGHTen up my living room, and run some errands STRAIGHT away.