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An Armed World is a Polite World

August 31, 2016

If the answer to gun violence
is for everybody to carry a gun
from schoolteachers to filmgoers
from night clubbers to college co-eds
then isn’t it reasonable
that the answer to war
is nuclear proliferation
a hundred H-bombs
for every nation
and then
perfect peace will reign
into perpetuity
into perpetual night
as final winter
takes us to slumber


Message in a Bottle

December 15, 2014

Universalize your actions
imagine all
behaving, acting
doing as you do
I think this was Kant
how he perceived
a moral world ought to be measured
you are the yardstick
that’s right
you miserly asshole
you self-obsessed cunt
you hateful fuck
you can’t justify
you just keep on keeping on
watching Fox News
listening to Rush radio
shopping at Wal-Mart
eating fast food
wearing sweat shop shoes
donning white hoods
voting Republican
ignoring facts
shitting and pissing and belching and bitching
what a world you’re making
thanks, thanks a lot
I thank you
my son thanks you
future generations thank you
for to them
your selfish heartlessness today
is a message in a bottle
a clear moral choice
and a lesson in reasonable justice
to crush and kill your kind on sight


May 13, 2014

In magical thinking rightwing gun nut land
I am always first to draw
I hold my firearm sideways
shooting straight without a flaw
In magical thinking rightwing gun nut land
from the front bad guys attack
they state their intent clearly
as my gun goes ack-ack-ack
In magical thinking rightwing gun nut land
good guys always get to win
no innocent ever dies
where the law ends I begin
In magical thinking rightwing gun nut land
the police cannot help you
naught but Barney Fife’s they are
incompetent through and through
In magical thinking rightwing gun nut land
gun-free zones will be your death
people packing everywhere
assures long life and good health
In magical thinking rightwing gun nut land
guns are the answer to crime
the one perfect solution
that will work every time
In magical thinking rightwing gun nut land
the 2nd amendment’s king
the gun is the one true god
and in its name praise I sing

I’m Tired of This Shit

May 2, 2014

If you’re rich
your jokes will be laughed at
no matter how lousy
likewise, when famous
sycophants flock
stroking the otherwise
unredeeming cock
it’s true of politicians
as it was true
of the high school jock
an ego is not boosted
so much as exalted
risen high
thrust upward to greatness
they expect their idiocy
to be defended by loyal idiots
to be unconditionally loved
guffawing at their own wit
basking in toady adulation
disconnected from the sad fact
of their lowly intellect
onward they spout wisdom
fame, fortune – they are a star
and deserve their awesome pulpit
willing now to spill their soul
let me tell you about what I know
let me tell you about the negro
the perfect picture of perfect privilege
is just another white screaming “nigger”