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Pubes and Pestilence

November 16, 2015

our waitress was the kind of woman
who shaves her pussy in the morning
but it grows back quick and coarse by night
to friction fry all would-be comers
but that has nothing to do
with anything
crass and uncalled for
I apologize
when under the weather
I’m not a nice person
I woke up this morning
to lungs heavy and sore
a vicious full-body wrack cough
gobs of orange-brown phlegm
spat into the decidedly untidy bowl
sniffles, aches
it persists still
I’m fucking sick, which brings me back
to the waitress
with a sand paper merkin for a cunt
she comes
takes our order – eggs and other garbage
and it’s busy at the Coco’s
and one of our party mentions it
and our wait girl says,
“Oh, yes. It has been lately
and it’s even worse because
instantly I am terror stricken
this typhoid Mary of the greasy spoon
not only wants to burn my dick
but infect me and every other customer
there’s nowhere to go
I consider running away screaming
but she speaks the death sentence
as she places the plates
and right here
over morning breakfast
is another example
of how fucked this country is
workers in the food preparation industry
will spread infirmity
throughout the community
all because our labor laws
are so atrociously weak
employees fear financial ruin
if they call in ill
conservative Republicans
and their anti-union, anti-labor
policies directly result
in millions of Americans per year
coming down with
preventable illnesses
fuck them and their appalling greed
and what’s with the price of razors these days
I know they love Bush so much
they’re looking to elect a third one
but come on
think of that poor waitress
her pestilence and her pubes