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Libertatia of the Gods

July 19, 2015

From beyond the distant
low ridge of hills
the blast could be heard
and felt
as it sent a plume of earth
and thick black smoke
a mile skyward
in a pillar to the soot heavy clouds
filthy rain bombed the lake
and pelted the roofs of the homes
until all the houses
were the same gray
as the anguished landscape

train tracks had been laid
in a senseless chaotic jumble
old coal burning cars
erupted in billows of swirling dark cumulus
from hundreds of tunnels
bore into the far mountain side
only to plunge back
in deranged loops
into the interior

sailing the ocean beyond
great oil tankers cracked like eggs
emptying their bladders into the sea
massive whorls of pitch-slick colors
writhed with dying life
sea birds, seals, fish, dolphins, crabs
all caught in mammoth blobs
twisted and tangled
like a fistful of night crawlers in soil

toxins from strip mines
flowed into head waters
and down rivers
carrying carcinogens and disease
to man and beast alike

forests were razed and burnt

fires roared open and wild

factories that manufactured nothing
sent rank fumes rising into the hazy air

crude was pumped and uncollected
left to run off into dead valleys…

who they were
and why they came to do this
we were never told

upon their arrival to our world
immediately, as their first order of business
they hired lawyers from every state
every country and local municipality
these counselors chose a single defender
to represent the aliens, who,
having more wealth and power
than all earth’s governments combined
they heeded no law
obeyed no regulation
opting instead
to pay the easily afforded pittance
levied as a fine against them
and so it went
for over a hundred years
and then they and our every resource
was gone or wasted beyond use
but weren’t we all glad to know
they paid their dues
every last penny of every last penalty
and thus justice was done.


Libertarians are the Obedient Attack Dogs of the 1%

June 4, 2015

Obsessed by liberty
they ignore happiness
wanting what they want
when they want it
to do what they will
how they will
without rebuke
they lose justice
the failure of Libertarianism
is evident
in its single-mindedness
its monomaniacal drive
to a solitary virtue
alone on a hill stripped of vegetation
windswept and exposed
without protective walls
of charity, humility, temperance and patience
it will erode to nothing
become a mean and savage thing
knowing no restraint
it turns on itself
tearing itself apart
as each man for himself
seeks to hoard and stockpile liberty
as if it’s commodity
only for himself
this is the society they want
heartless and cruel
social Darwinists
whose only passion in life
is their own ass
and how to cover it


March 23, 2015

Even his name smacks
of mediocrity and lowness
in it
there is no achievement
no swiftness of movement
just a simple contentment
to do no more than the minimum
he bears no profession
neither a brewer nor a bauer
not cooper or cook

first, the baby learns to rollover
second, it begins to crawl and third
it rises to its feet and walks
and that is him
a man who still knows well
how to rollover belly-up for his masters
to come to them on hands and knees
when called

pathetic serf happy for his pittance
pleased to serve the knights
when they descend upon the village
to rape and pillage
he takes them to the best stocked larders
leads them straight
to where the virgins are hid
greed and lust satisfied
they toss him a coin
and spit down upon him
from their high horseback perch
lest he forget
he is not one of them
he does not hold the reins
and he most certainly does not ride
thus he comes by his pedestrian assignation
he is Walker

Glory Halleflujah

February 3, 2015

My God
I must sacrifice the children of non-believers
the scent of their roasted flesh
He finds most pleasing
mass graves of toddlers
their tiny bodies covered in lye
this is simply the inevitable result
of my good faith
religious convictions
I cannot help what I believe
who is anyone to tell me I’m wrong
your God enjoys lovely songs
as His due praise
mine, the blood of diseased infants
to grant my God His will on Earth
I am like Abraham
ready to stick it into Isaac
the only difference
my God doesn’t fuck around
my children’s lives are equally forfeit
as those of the heathen trash
a return to the dark ages of plague
will not be halted
as fires and bombs and rampage killings
sweep the halls of the enemies
Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi
all producers of vaccines
shall be put to the blade
my God, my dear God
Thy Kingdom comes
in sickness reign

Message in a Bottle

December 15, 2014

Universalize your actions
imagine all
behaving, acting
doing as you do
I think this was Kant
how he perceived
a moral world ought to be measured
you are the yardstick
that’s right
you miserly asshole
you self-obsessed cunt
you hateful fuck
you can’t justify
you just keep on keeping on
watching Fox News
listening to Rush radio
shopping at Wal-Mart
eating fast food
wearing sweat shop shoes
donning white hoods
voting Republican
ignoring facts
shitting and pissing and belching and bitching
what a world you’re making
thanks, thanks a lot
I thank you
my son thanks you
future generations thank you
for to them
your selfish heartlessness today
is a message in a bottle
a clear moral choice
and a lesson in reasonable justice
to crush and kill your kind on sight

Republican Love Song #38

November 4, 2014

Singer croons his western tune
“I got friends in low places,”
he repeats anthemically
impoverishment and powerlessness
they are medals of distinction
proud of the hard life
and judging by most of his fans
the country music crowd
their politics
who they vote for
and those they condemn
I must assume their philosophy
when it comes to poverty
is the more the merrier
and perhaps some dream
of grand futures
fattened, enriched, mighty
they could be the next
Duck Dynasty
one never knows
any old asshole could come along
with a jazzier way to fool a fowl
and then
if and when they get theirs
for all those friends
those of station’s lowly
it’s, fuck you buddy
but me and mine are doing fine
I’ll shit on you before giving a dime

Equal As Ashes

July 24, 2014

Bootstraps, that’s the way
charity free
refuse all hand-outs
assistance is for the weak
real men need no help
they live or die
by their sweat and ingenuity
if you can’t take the heat
get out of Hell
suicide’s a crime
but guns are not
and rivers flow the world over
ride the current
feed the fishes
better than having the government feed you
filthy animal
subhuman mongrel scum
all ashes are equal
open the door into summer
and burn

Hypocritical Shit

June 16, 2014

Contradictions flood their ideological bog
they believe full-heartedly
this is the land of opportunity
yet disbelieve in giving anyone a chance
it must all be bootstraps
and self-made men
climbing society’s ladder
by the sweat of their labors
a word spoken against the rich
to them
is an attack on capitalism
a Marxist screed to be screamed down
their love of the American dream
has turned into love of wealth
their love of wealth
has turned into idolatry of the wealthy
worship of the rich
who, if we just let them keep all their money,
will gladly create jobs
and infuse cash into local economies
transforming the country into a new Eden
if only we allow them
to exploit every last resource of the land
without regulation
without oversight
without responsibility or obligation to the future
not even after their death
should any of their hard-earned dinero
be stolen by the state
from their rightful and deserving heirs
who, although, didn’t work to earn it
are entitled to it
an elite class of god-spawned humans
privileged children of our lords and masters
and these children
who come at us with lawyers
truly, they are very much like the one true God
beloved by these lovers of the rich
a God who never had to work
to gain his Power
a God who has always been and always will be
all-powerful, all-knowing
the great divine Creator
of the heavens and the Earth
but how,
in the light of their creed
of the American dream
of hard work and persevering against odds
to obtain success,
can they bow to such a God
for whom everything has always been easy?
if you’re omnipotent
creating the universe
is no more praiseworthy
than making a poo
possibly of less note
than a satisfying bowel movement
but it’s no wonder
those who feed on contradictions
shit hypocrisy

The 1% Manifesto

March 31, 2014

Speaking generally
a man should not have too much ambition
there is great dignity and no shame
in performing a society’s low tasks
a job well done
wise philosophers have said
is its own reward
do not tend towards uppishness
the despair at failure
it inevitably brings
is a punishment best avoided
do not, however, perceive this
as a condemnation of perspiration
contrarily, laziness is anathema
hard labor and solid work
performed by a man who knows his place
is most virtuous
bringing honor upon himself
his trade
and his boss
always bear in mind
when feeling the impudent stirrings of dissatisfaction
that there is near at hand
a man who has it worse
for always it is more burdensome
to be employer
than to be employed
the hired man is a weight
carried stoically upon the job creator’s shoulders
be thus fully aware
that it is the workers
who are kept aloft
by the dutiful ambitions
endured equanimously by their social betters
do not make the mistake of Marx
by misguidedly inverting this paradigm
of he who benefits
and he who suffers

Here’s to the Breezes

March 22, 2014

proctological exams have shown
95% of mankind
thinks using its ass
don’t be surprised
it’s never been disguised
the homo sapiens’ sapiening ability
ain’t all it’s cracked up to be
out of the crack
up comes the thought
rectal knowledge
fricative blasts
o, what a gas
bias, denial, too much beer
I think therefore I am
but it don’t mean the thought is clear
muddied waters
clouded skies
intoxicated minds
poison the vision of reality
the butt prevails leading from behind
brown eye of the storm
swirling dark, churning thought
round and round and down the drain
all too easy to believe in the head
brain within the skull
like a plant in its pot
but when the wind comes to blow
boughs bend and break
creeping stink overtakes
swaying branches in the breeze
shitting monkeys in the trees