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Foreskin Fluff

June 27, 2017

Like a torn foreskin
caught in Yahweh’s teeth
we bleeding babies cry
men, all of us, manful
carrying on bravely
acting whole, intact
pulled out a tad too late
snagged by canines divine
we complain endlessly
of our lot in life
when choosing our parents
we were out taking a whiz
isn’t that just so
doesn’t life just blow
immorally cut free
dandelions on the breeze


I’m With Her, Period.

July 20, 2016

They do not want women
to have role models
in film, literature, television
and especially real life
that is why they protest
the depiction of women
as heroes, as saviors
as the equals of men,
or more frightfully,
their betters
for if too many movies
or other entertainments
are made this way
then girls and young women
might have goals
desires and dreams
that do not include
these little men
as necessary
as mates
as providers
these men fear equality
they cower at the thought
of a level playing field
they raise a stink
they cry and whine
and boycott Mad Max,
Star Wars, Ghostbusters
because of strong
female characters
their dicks recoil
at change
any change
in the white male hetero dominant
status quo
but it is done
and will continue
to be done
until their dicks
recoil so far
they come out their assholes
new monkey tails
for resurgent regressives
who do not want women