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And the Weiner is…

June 16, 2017

“Walk the red carpet
and enjoy the Oscars,”
she said
she was talking about
her pubic hair
and vagina
to a certain mind
it might have been
sexy, certainly
but to another kind of mind
it conjures vacuuming
crumbs of food
held secure in the fibers
to get out
the deeply ground in
not to mention
the unappealing vision
various Oscars represent
the ‘grossly indecent’ Wilde one
the furry green and grouchy guy
who lives in a garbage can
of all places, a hole
one doesn’t want associated
with a lady’s most precious places
and wieners
because of course that bologna
it has a first name
it’s O-S-C-A-R
which leads, natural casing and all
to thoughts of penises
and although
there’s a hard one there
waiting to enjoy the Oscars
the realization comes
you are but a nominee
and the hall tomorrow
will be cleaned and rented out again