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it is our way

October 26, 2016

oaths wilt
like police
under pressure
as bullet casings weep
to the ground
cleansing the earth of fear
where they fall
flowers of terror grow


Old Racist at the Bar

September 26, 2014

nothing to see here
only the usual
old white men at bars
grumbling about the unruly black
don’t have doubts
that’s America after all
is said and burnt
niggaz gone willd
so what’s the use
behavin’ that way uncouth
scaredy-scaredy white cop
he’s got a necessity to kill
being all a’feared as he is
brave, bold man in uniform and armor
out there
protectin’ you
from yourself
servin’ the community
to its death to others
what’s they expect
going against their helpers
you see a badge
back away
hands up
they’s the good guys
you gonna fight the good guys?

Hashtag Race Relations

September 15, 2014

a proud white halo glows saintly
encircling the shooter’s head
pure and right
the vanquished devil at his feet
face down, dispatched
unholy ghoul ridded from the Earth
dead forever as is just…
a scenario as true to 1814
as it is to 2014
why fuck with over 200 years of tradition
let sleeping dead nigger dogs lie
or charge like bulls
high on marijuana stolen cigarillos
any reason to pull the trigger
give it and the murder is done
acquitted, forgiven and absolved
goodbye to bad black rubbish
a peace sign’s a gang sign
a playful rap’s a manifesto
a thug is a thug is a dog whistle
no cop ever had no cause to fire
fear for his safety
that’s it boy
the light is scared of the dark
scared for his life
scared to death
beat that, you can’t
you cunt
riot at will
that’s where we’ve pushed you
that’s what we want
that’ll help
and then we kill