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The Decline of Print Journalism is a Blessing Unto Dog

November 25, 2015

To turn the ecosystem toxic
and destroy animals by the thousands
is of no moral conflict
when it comes to
protecting themselves, their children
pets, shelter, food stores
yet they will cry in grievous outrage
over a football player
who pits dog against dog to the death
for amusement’s sake
cruelty to their preferred species
is intolerable
and upon the perpetrators
they wish violence
they would condemn them
to be torn apart by rabid snarling beasts
mouths dripping gore
as they rip and gnaw at the viscera
pulling off hunks of meat
as lions form a fallen impala
it is justifiable
for he was a big mean meanie
to poor, dear, innocent
Fido, Fluffy and Fifi
but since this punishment
is gratifyingly beyond the scope of law
they call for a national registry
of animal abusers
but that is not either what they want
acts of barbarism against mice and rats
the genocide of individual colonies
of fleas and lice
these do not concern them
it is only the fortunate few
whose tormenting bullies would make the list
would be marked by shame
lucky are the canines to be cared for so
that man would be branded a criminal
for kicking you when he returns home