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Finally, Bloodless

March 25, 2016

The sweet best
there is in me
that I strive to be
is a damnable horror
duplicitous and delusive
it once was I thought
a goodness – empathy
for men who suffer
women who grieve
all who toil
those whose labors go unrewarded
society’s scuttled, squashed, discarded
toward them
I feel a generosity of spirit
not a day passes
in which I do not weep
at least one tear
one gasping painful cry
for the losers
the disenfranchised and diseased
the impoverished and imprisoned
all the people up against it
all their struggles and despair
this was supposed to be
the best in me – that part of me
that anguishes at their hurt
but now I know otherwise
the sick and injured
are not to be cared for
the poor, homeless and hungry
are to be mocked and scolded
for their failings
both morally and financially
all along in all of this
my compassion for others
was better to be contempt
charity I discovered
is no noble virtue
at best I am told
it enables leeches
and at worst
is no less than slavery
in that it cripples those who receive it
so they become helpless dependents
who take and never contribute
rats in traps
lured by the call of free stuff
I did not know
human kindness
was in fact
monstrous cruelty
I am so happy
to now know better
to have seen the light
as shown to me
by upright followers of Christ
soon, my heart, you will bleed
no more
for no one