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Neither a Man Has Wept Nor Dashed a Thousand Kim

November 11, 2015

arrogant cackles
born of religious inversion
crosses twisted and turned
Christ’s head swells with blood
turns as red-faced
as his howling followers
who profess to hang too
as he does
martyred, persecuted
in the name of freedom and liberty
they invoke the names
of civil rights icons
as they justify their flipped
mirror-world battle
to deny rights to others
that inflict no harm upon them
in their backwards Kingdom
bus drivers
who ordered blacks to the back
and white-hooded goons
watching as the body
kicks at the end of the rope
are the true heroes
to be hailed
in the struggle to achieve justice
for them
equality is a right of refusal
for them, under the shelter of law,
to condemn and humiliate
those who can feel love in ways they cannot
they neither lead nor follow
but choose instead
to get in the way
proudly flying their flag of ignorance
halting progress
quoting scripture
raising arms
pumping fists in pious triumph
as they stand
in adoration of a callous hag
and the politicians eager for the opportunity
to blow sunshine
up her thrice divorced
and four-times married cunt
but this is the way of the right wing
anger is everything
their motivations are loveless, without compassion
grown by nurturing their cowardice and fear
fucked insane by endless rage
fed a steady diet of yammering hate
the center of their humanity falls away into decay
they are left with a core of infected rot
enabling them
to castigate those who care
as bleeding hearts,
uproariously applaud intolerance
of the infirm, the impoverished, the dispossessed
against them
all people, decent and true, must stand
those who hail the likes of Kim Davis, Josh Duggar,
Darren Wilson, George Zimmerman
as champions of Christ and justice
are the enemies of Christ and justice
shit on them