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Broken Peace

April 8, 2017

everything was working fine
improving even
more individuals with insurance
than ever before
violent crime at historic
all-time lows
women, people of color
homosexuals and the transgendered
enjoyed rights decades earlier
they could only have dreamt of
but Republicans
they saw all this as broken
and when they rose to stolen power
they endeavored to fix
all these good, working things
and in doing so
they broke all of these
good, working things
because for them
peace is a shattered dinner plate
and war is the way
to piece it all back together


Thus Always to Assholes

April 2, 2012

Today, Rick Santorum, a prominent Republican political figure, said, “This upcoming election is about restoring freedom and liberty in America.”  This is not some fringe lunatic.  Rick Santorum is currently seeking the GOP’s presidential nomination and was a United States senator representing Pennsylvania for 12 years.  He is the stock in trade of his party.  He is not some obscure nut job ranting away on a far right website.  It’s important to note this because the right wing always seeks out false equivalencies in order to claim the liberal left is just as responsible for the hostile political rhetoric as the right is, but you simply don’t see anyone this much at the center of the Democratic Party say things as vile and irresponsible as Rick Santorum.  When he says, “This upcoming election is about restoring freedom and liberty in America,” he means that he actually believes that the people in this country are no longer free and that their liberties have been stripped away.  He is unreservedly claiming we are living, not in a democratic republic, but in a tyranny.

When a politician of such national stature speaks in this way, in a country where we have one state whose motto is “Sic semper tyrannis,” a phrase shouted by an assassin after his bullet entered a newly reelected president’s brain, there is no doubt in my mind, unless he is a very stupid man, that he knows exactly what he is saying, and calling for violence even as he condemns it.

Just before he announced that we are no longer a free people, Santorum said, “Violence is never the answer, and I will always condemn any and all violent attacks against our fellow Americans.  In this country, we resolve our differences through political discussion and free and fair elections – never by violence.”  But, if we aren’t free and if our liberty has been revoked, then how could any further elections possibly be “free and fair?”  Rick Santorum is playing a dangerous game, and his aggressive word choices do foster a climate of violence.  When you call abortion genocide and murder, you are inciting to action the exact kind of person who will take to the streets of Wisconsin and bomb a Planned Parenthood clinic.  The GOP is responsible for acts of terrorism.  When the national media reports your every word, when you have served as an elected representative of the people, you have a responsibility greater than some racist loony ranting on Stormfront, and today’s GOP core takes no responsibility for the hatred they foment.  They don’t need to worry about restoring freedom and liberty in this nation; they need to stop their followers from committing acts of terrorism to take it away from those currently enjoying it, and I think a good place for them to start would be to shut the fuck up about restoring freedom and liberty.