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Neither a Man Has Wept Nor Dashed a Thousand Kim

November 11, 2015

arrogant cackles
born of religious inversion
crosses twisted and turned
Christ’s head swells with blood
turns as red-faced
as his howling followers
who profess to hang too
as he does
martyred, persecuted
in the name of freedom and liberty
they invoke the names
of civil rights icons
as they justify their flipped
mirror-world battle
to deny rights to others
that inflict no harm upon them
in their backwards Kingdom
bus drivers
who ordered blacks to the back
and white-hooded goons
watching as the body
kicks at the end of the rope
are the true heroes
to be hailed
in the struggle to achieve justice
for them
equality is a right of refusal
for them, under the shelter of law,
to condemn and humiliate
those who can feel love in ways they cannot
they neither lead nor follow
but choose instead
to get in the way
proudly flying their flag of ignorance
halting progress
quoting scripture
raising arms
pumping fists in pious triumph
as they stand
in adoration of a callous hag
and the politicians eager for the opportunity
to blow sunshine
up her thrice divorced
and four-times married cunt
but this is the way of the right wing
anger is everything
their motivations are loveless, without compassion
grown by nurturing their cowardice and fear
fucked insane by endless rage
fed a steady diet of yammering hate
the center of their humanity falls away into decay
they are left with a core of infected rot
enabling them
to castigate those who care
as bleeding hearts,
uproariously applaud intolerance
of the infirm, the impoverished, the dispossessed
against them
all people, decent and true, must stand
those who hail the likes of Kim Davis, Josh Duggar,
Darren Wilson, George Zimmerman
as champions of Christ and justice
are the enemies of Christ and justice
shit on them


Commandment 11

December 24, 2014

Keep all your threats and promises
this I command
never allow one to go unfulfilled
honor what you have spoken
perform what deeds you have said
shall transpire
letters clipped from magazines
assembled into messages
and delivered
to the adoptive
homosexual parents of your hostage
should not contain menace unmeant
thou shalt not bluff
if you feel you may be incapable
of cutting off
their darling boy’s ears
to be followed by
the fingers of his left hand
and then his nose
after which you will sever
both feet, his right hand
and finally the whole head
all the while
shipping it piece by piece through the mails
then threaten it not
a terrorist is only as good as his word
when others fail to pay heed
to your wild ravings
against modernity, faggots and sluts
it is because of a weakness in yourself
revealed by your failed acts
when you stand up to the enemies of God
and pronounce idle oaths
you curse your Lord a liar
no greater blasphemy could you commit
better it would be
to denounce your faith utterly
than to lay lies upon the divine tongue
if you are true to your Lord
your Lord will be true to you
an honest heart’s hands
will be guided sure
in cautious incendiary construction
hallowed be your pipe bomb
now the Planned Parenthood is a smoking
wound of bloody ruin
sweet billowing pyro-cumulus
wafting the aroma
of scorched harlot Heavenward
burnt whore pleases the Lord
pleases the Lord
burnt whore
burnt whore
oh how it pleases the Lord

Hypocritical Shit

June 16, 2014

Contradictions flood their ideological bog
they believe full-heartedly
this is the land of opportunity
yet disbelieve in giving anyone a chance
it must all be bootstraps
and self-made men
climbing society’s ladder
by the sweat of their labors
a word spoken against the rich
to them
is an attack on capitalism
a Marxist screed to be screamed down
their love of the American dream
has turned into love of wealth
their love of wealth
has turned into idolatry of the wealthy
worship of the rich
who, if we just let them keep all their money,
will gladly create jobs
and infuse cash into local economies
transforming the country into a new Eden
if only we allow them
to exploit every last resource of the land
without regulation
without oversight
without responsibility or obligation to the future
not even after their death
should any of their hard-earned dinero
be stolen by the state
from their rightful and deserving heirs
who, although, didn’t work to earn it
are entitled to it
an elite class of god-spawned humans
privileged children of our lords and masters
and these children
who come at us with lawyers
truly, they are very much like the one true God
beloved by these lovers of the rich
a God who never had to work
to gain his Power
a God who has always been and always will be
all-powerful, all-knowing
the great divine Creator
of the heavens and the Earth
but how,
in the light of their creed
of the American dream
of hard work and persevering against odds
to obtain success,
can they bow to such a God
for whom everything has always been easy?
if you’re omnipotent
creating the universe
is no more praiseworthy
than making a poo
possibly of less note
than a satisfying bowel movement
but it’s no wonder
those who feed on contradictions
shit hypocrisy